Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 2011 East Coast Earthquake

Well today is a day I won't soon forget. Today I was in an earthquake. This isn't my first earthquake, I experienced many of them in Alaska but I don't remember any. So this is my first earthquake that I could remember.

I was in my office building, not doing work, and all of a sudden I felt shaking. I felt things like this before, especially if someone is moving around furniture on the floor above me, but not quite the same, this was much more movement and it lasted much longer. I remember someone asking what was going on and I said, this building is definitely moving. Then I remember someone asking if it was an earthquake. I thought of this too, but we don't usually get them here in PA or on the east coast, not big enough to feel anyway. I started to wonder about the building falling down, after all it wasn't built to withstand an earthquake. I got up to head for the door because I thought if it was falling down, I would try to make a run for it instead of being buried alive. Then it stopped and we were all talking about it and what had just happened.

With use of the internet we soon knew it was in fact an earthquake! I was the first person I know to post it on facebook, many, many posts came after mine, but I was the earliest. Being in an earthquake was kinda cool, no one was hurt and my house didn't fall down so there were no draw backs to this one, but that's my two cents.

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