Friday, January 1, 2010

LIFE; My 10 Year Cancer Anniversary

Ten years ago today i had my final chemotherapy treatment session. It seems like only yesterday.

There is a stop light outside the hospital, everyday i would wish, hope and pray that it would be red so i could have a few more seconds before i had to start my treatment, (that's how bad they were.) On my last day however i wanted it to be green, i didn't want to waste any time, i wanted to get in there and start right away. It was red and I remember on the radio the song, "Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss him Goodbye" by Steam was playing, it was a fitting theme to the day and every time i hear that song i think of my last day.

The actual treatment was long and painful, as they all were but it was different because i knew i would never be back and i would never have to sit there for 5 hours in a row. It was a good thing too because im not sure how much more i could have taken, i lost 20 pounds and at the time i only weighed 140 when i started treatments so i was down to a low 120.

When i got up to leave i remember seeing the other patients sitting there, some were reading, some were watching tv, and some were visiting with family members. Some of them never got out of that room and others, like me, would end up walking away from it. I left and i didn't look back.

Ten years later cancer has not tried to come back and the doctors have said for the past ten years that once i get to ten years don't ever expect it to come back. Sure the chances aren't zero percent, but they are as close to zero now as you can get. Tonight, for the first time in ten years i'll be able to sleep a little better.

I'd like to thank a few people that stand out. First of all i'd like to thank my family and friends for supporting me the way you all did. Richie for calling me every single day i wasn't in school, my friends at lunch who left a seat open for me when i wasn't there. Dr. Dixon for treating me, i owe my life to him. All the nurses i had, they did so much for me especially Cheryl. I'd like to thank Maria for never forgetting this anniversary even when others did. Thanks to Antonio, I know you didn't make it out of that room but thank you for those little winks you always gave me. Of course God who had control of the situation the entire time. Also I have to thank all of my teachers and the school staff who passed me even though i missed 3 months of school. I hope i didn't miss anybody! So in closing, thank you all, i will be fine now.