Saturday, September 19, 2009

REVIEW: Apple iphone

It's time i threw in my two cents in on the famous Apple iphone. Phones of phones! Yours may differ and if you love your iphone, as so many of you do, well then keep on enjoying it. I, however, found the iphone to be worthless.

I'd like to start out by saying i did buy an iphone, which is what i thought was exactly what i wanted, hell i even went to 5 different places before i found any in stock, thats how much these things are being sold. They even just surpassed the RAZR as the most sold cell phone. When i bought mine the lady said i should get the apple protection plan they offer because it will really help cover the cost if the iphone were to break. See if you break your iphone dont panic, you can just by a new one...just not at the same price you just shelled out for it, in this case 199 bucks. You'll have to pay several 100 dollars more because 199 is only the price if you get the 2 year contract, and you have to do that with AT&T. I have nothing against AT&T, in fact i really wanted to switch to them. I asked what my phone bill each month would be in 4 different places, each said 69 something or other. Not too bad for a phone that can do anything under the sun! HOWEVER, what they don't tell you is once you add in the taxes, i would be paying 88 bucks a month...i wasn't thrilled but i still felt it was worth it.

So i get the 69 dollar plan because i heard a lot of these phones break, and rather easily i might add. One guy in best buy even showed me his cracked screen and said it was the perfect phone, other than that. The lady told me id REALLY NEED a protective covering, AND a screen cover because they scratch so easily. Ya know, is it just me or are those BAD selling points? Maybe she didn't think because i already told her i wanted one and most apple buyers are mindless drones that buy whatever apple says to buy, in either case red flags were going up in my head left and right, yet i ignored them and told her id be back to buy all that stuff. You'll hear a lot about iphones breaking and i figured out that the durability of the iphone is somewhere in between an egg shell and a sheet of glass. Too bad there isn't an app for anti-gravity so you'd never drop it.

So i turn it on and really want to play around with this thing, just check it out, get comfortable with it. That was a lot harder than i thought it would be. I couldn't get used to the slididng and touching of the screen. I was constantly clicking on things i didn't want, not clicking on things i did and over scrolling what i was looking for. I think this is just me though because im bad with an ipod as well but this just shows a reason why the iphone was not the best choice for me. I notice that none of the internet things were connecting for me, no itunes, no google, no yahoo, no email, no app store, no weather and im saying to myself, hmm well ill just make a call i guess?

Making a call with the iphone is as easy as 1,2,3.....4,5,6...7,8,9....10. With my old phone i had to press ONE button and hold it in, that was my speed dial and my call was on the way. With the iphone i first had to press the round button to bring back the screen from being black. Then i had to slide that button to unlock the screen. (Here i wont even mention how i had to close out of everything my iphone was trying to do in my pocket due to the screen touching stuff.) Then i had to scroll over to the contact icon. Then i had to click the icon. Then i had to scroll to the name i wanted to call. Then i had to click on that name. Then i had to click on the number in that name and hold it down. Then my call was finally being dialed. Thank you iphone, apple does make things more convient don't they?

Talking on the iphone itself was just annoying to me. Its so short and stubby that youre talking into thin air. I just don't like that, i kept asking if the person could hear me ok because my mouth was no where near the phone itself. Just a preference thing but it annoyed me.

At this point i said out loud, getting into my car on my way to an appointment, "I am NOT impressed iphone.....not impressed at all, in fact you're going to have to get A LOT better to even be half decent." Once at work i was able to really sit down and mess around with my iphone...unless my boss is reading this, in which case i was working very hard. So i still can't connect to the internet which i found makes the iphone pretty much....well, useless! 90% of what it can do is based on being connected to the net. I finally use the school's wifi and connect. It was VERY slow, im talking dial up slow. Again, not impressed with all this great internet talk. I went into that app store that i really wanted to utilize. I found you had to pay for all the best stuff, most of which was in the 4.99 range. That isn't so bad but buy several of those a month and you're screwed, after all my first bill was going to be 136 bucks because of the activation fee. So i decide to try out that typing i was looking forward to. See, i hate using a regular phone to text, and the phones with actual keyboards are way to small for me, so hearing that the iphone has keys on the screen that you just touch made me really excited. Again i found myself in disapointment. The keys were still so small that my fat little fingers kept pressing other keys and making it really hard for me to type anything. Now i was really scratching my head at why people were raving about this phone so much.

I went home and tried and tried to get connected. No wifi and that 3G network, that the entire phone is BASED ON, would not connect. No matter what settings i tried it would not work. Later i discovered that the 3G network isn't in my area, so i would have never been able to connect to anything. I didn't know it at the time but i was so pissed i decided then and there why not take it back? Now i wanted to keep it and try it and give it the benefit of the doubt (not that the iphone deserved it at this point) but you could only return it in 3 days, otherwise you wouldn't be refunded...sly AT&T dogs. Well then if that was the case, i would have no choice but to make a hasty decision and return it the very next morning.

The next morning i went into the AT&T store when it opened, they asked what they could do for me and i said, i want to return this. The earth stopped and the girl's heart did too when she pulled an iphone out of the bag. I just made history, the only person in the universe to return the iphone. She of course was shocked and asked what the matter was and i said, "I can't stand it." She looked at me as if i had lobsters crawling out of my nose. Shaking her head in disbelief she went on with the return process, letting me know there was restocking fee. That didn't piss me off because i hated that phone so much i would have paid anything to just be rid of the useless piece of shit. She went on shaking her head in sorrow. (i think it was because she felt sorry for the moron who was returning God's gift to cell phones.) She asked if i wanted to just get another phone and keep my AT&T plan but i said, "No, im going back to Verizon." They give my company a discount, not AT&T so why not go back to them?

I went to Verizon to look at some new phones. Turns out they make one called the blackberry storm, now i didn't know this but its just an iphone in every shape and form. In some ways its even better in others its not. The lady told me there that the 3G network isn't in that area and many people end up doing what i did. Thank you assholes at the AT&T store for not telling me that little bit of information, after all thats the entire basis of the iphone, ITS EVEN IN ITS NAME, THE IPHONE 3GS!!! fuckers. What i liked about the blackberry storm is that when you pressed on its screen, it actually moves and makes the click noise, something that i thought was better than the iphone. Its network, since it uses Verizon has the better range and i would find conncecting to the internet would actually happen in my house. Also go ahead and try to copy and paste something on the iphone, you won't be able to, but you can with the storm! I didn't end up getting one because the bill would be the same each month and they tried to upsell me screen protectors. So im just phoneless at the moment and i gotta tell you...its not that bad.

If you love your iphone, fine, thats your opinion and youre entitled to it. I just didn't. I didn't like spending all the money, i didn't like the inconvienice. I know Apple is known for making things sooooo easy and simple to use but when they made a phone that could do anything anyone would want they stepped into unknown territory because i really think they failed miserably. There is no way you can make a phone so complex and simple to use, and in my opinion they didn't. Without the internet the iphone is just a phone and as a phone it isn't near worth 88 dollars a month so getting rid of it was really in my best interest. So that was my experience with the iphone, if you love yours or want one, thats great and i hope youre happy with it. I just feel Apple could sell crap in boxes if they said you need it. I bet there are a lot of people out there who aren't as happy with their iphone as they thought they would be or that let on but God forbid anyone be the first to say it. I think its a lot like the story of the emporor's new clothes. No one will speak up about the truth they see right in front of their faces. I guess im the little boy in the crowd yelling out, "HE'S NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES!"

To grade the iphone, for being a phone and making calls i give it a C. Not great but adequate. For all the cool things and apps it has id like to give it an A, but since i couldn't use them and a lot of them do cost money i give it an F. For color choices, black or white again an F because come on Apple, there are more than 2 colors people like. For the ability to do just about anything ill give it an A, because it really can do whatever you want er...wait a sec....not copy and paste like the blackberry storm, make that an A-. For me the Apple iphone 3Gs was like a car without wheels. Sure i could sit in it, the radio worked, i could open the doors and trunk and it looked cool, but if you can't drive it then what use is it? But that's just my two cents.

Monday, September 7, 2009

SPORTS: Fourwheel riding

My cousin Michael, his fiance Katie, Maria and i went four wheel riding Labor Day weekend. We had a lot of fun. Where are our helmets? Maybe we should have though. We did a lot of jumping, as you can see by the pictures and a lot of jumps equals a lot of fun! Im glad i bought this fourwheeler, its loud and powerful and most importantly its a Polaris. Everyone should go for a good old fashioned dirty ride on a fourwheeler, but thats my two cents.