Thursday, August 28, 2008


Inukshuk, not sure how that is pronounced but i believe its, (in-ook-shuck). This is an Inuit word meaning "in the image of a man." Inuit is what many people would call an Eskimo, but they don't really like that term. These are stacked rocks to look like a person, but very general. The 2010 Olympic games in Canada are going to use an inukshuk as their symbol. People think they were landmarks because on the tundra there aren't many. Others believe they were used for direction, an early road sign i guess you could say. Some say they were for a food cache. Although it is unknown they still stand today and many artists are making them on a much smaller scale for the sake of art.
As an Alaskan i felt like more people should learn about these stone men so on Tuesday i decided to go and make some along fourwheeler paths. I assumed some punk kids would drive by, see them, and get off to kick them over but either way i wanted to do it. These things are hard to make! They look simple and for the most part are, but rocks are heavy and stacking isnt easy when the rocks arent flat. Needless to say i finally erected one. It probably fell over by now but i know for a fact two other people got to see it before it did....perhaps its still there? I wanted to make a bunch of them at different points in hopes that maybe someday they would be considered landmarks like their northern giant cousins of the Arctic. While transporting some big rocks i went down a hill and they rolled off the back of the fourwheeler and into my legs, it hurt like hell and i gave up. But not on the idea! I will make more sometime, better ones, bigger ones, i may even add some concrete so they cant fall apart.

My First Fourwheeler

So i decided to finally get a fourwheeler. Ive wanted one for just about as long as i can remember. I saw a used one for sale, thats the kind i wanted because if it were too new, i would baby it too much. A fourwheeler needs to get dirty, it needs to get banged up, it needs to go where it wants to. I found a 1995 Polaris 400 Sport. Sounds old but in fourwheeler years its pretty young, these things last forever even if you dont treat them right. I plan on treating this one right and plan on having it for another 15 years or so.
I went ahead and got it, our other Polaris fourwheeler is a 250, and another is also a 250 so a 400 is a pretty big change....a NICE change! This thing goes where it wants and it gets there fast. It has a ton of power and speed, more than you really need but its fun to have. I took several rides on it and spent this tuesday just riding around. Its white, red and black so i attached a Thundercats logo which i feel is a good fit. Either way i feel everyone should get a fourwheeler at some time in their life, you wont regret it! And thats my two cents.