Sunday, August 30, 2009

LIFE: Turkeys

So i got a few turkeys. One is for Thanksgiving but the other two are just for me. In the spring time i plan to collect their eggs and incubate them, getting baby turkeys. The darkest one is a Black Spanish Turkey, he is the one who has a predetermined date with an ax. The white and black one is my male, or "tom" he is a Royal Palm turkey. The little blue one is the hen and she is a Blue Slate turkey. Keep in mind although they look full grown they still have a lot of growing to do, they are only 15 weeks old at the moment. There will be more updates on the way and maybe even a video or two.


Hello and welcome to my interview with Mr. Yuck, sticker icon. For years since 1971, this green symbol has shown children and stupid adults everywhere what poisonous chemicals they should stay away from, Mr. Yuck, how are you?
Mr. Yuck: How am i? LOOK AT ME, how do you think?? I'm yucky of course.
Andrew: Haha, so you are. Tell the people at home how you feel about being the big ugly green face that makes children stay away?
Mr. Yuck: Well, when you put it like that...
Andrew: How would you put it then, i thought that was spot on?
Mr. Yuck: Look, i saved 1000's of lives over the years pal, that's enough for anybody to be happy with, i don't care what people think of me.
Andrew: Yes, since 71 you've been around and yet recently we haven't seen much of you, why is that?
Mr. Yuck: Its sad, but parents today don't really care if their children play, "drink whats under the sink." In fact, if anything, they hope for it!
Andrew: Its a fact that you replaced the skull and cross bones as the symbol for poison. Those were pretty big shoes to fill, wouldn't you say?
Mr. Yuck: Oh yes, it was a big deal, back then people just put bones on everything but kids thought that Draino was some kind of pirate drink, so they'd down the whole bottle before they realized their stomachs were eaten out.
Andrew: Facinating if true.
Mr. Yuck: I was created to be a friendlier sign of danger. It wasn't just poison you know, sometimes i would show up on medicine or anitfreeze or even poorly wired electrical cables.
Andrew: I read that they tried many symbols in a test with children, including the skull and crossbones, a red stop sign, you and others but you were found the most effective!
Mr. Yuck: My face says it all, you don't piss with whatever im hanging on.
Andrew: Mr. Yuck you're a jack of all trades! Being from Pittsburgh is a surprise to me, i would have guessed New Jersy or somewhere crappy like that.
Mr. Yuck: Believe me, i've spent a lot of time in New Jersy but i was created in Pittsburgh yes.
Andrew: If you could just clear something up please. Around your head it says, "Mr. Yuck means no." But i thought no means no? Explain.
Mr. Yuck: ..........Someone should put my face on this interview.
Andrew: Well there you have it, beloved poison icon Mr. Yuck, you should give him a thanks if you never drank poison, but thats just my two cents.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life: My sister totals her car, watch my mom's reaction to hearing the news for the first time!

Well my little sister Larissa totaled her car. Don't worry, shes ok. So was the other woman...their cars however, not so much! I got the news before my mom and as luck would have it someone had to tell her and the lucky person got to be me! So here it is, this isn't staged or rehearsed, its the real deal. Please excuse my mother's bad language. I'm just glad it wasn't me. Also the clip starts with Annie and me outside waiting for my mom, notice how Annie is wagging her tail as if she finds this just as funny as i do.