Friday, May 24, 2013


I took a test from people that grew up in the 50's and would have liked to try one from the 80's so I just figured I'd make my own since that is when I was born, these are things from the 80's into the 90's that I lived through, the younger you are the harder this will be. Here is my 1980's Child Test, see how many you can get! Answers at the bottom.

1. Ronald Regan asked Mr. Who to "tear down this wall?"
A. Mr. Bush
B. Mr. Clinton
C. Mr. Gorbachev
D. Mr. Putin
E. Mr. Peanut
F. Mr. Thatcher
G. Mr. Dole

2. They're the world's most fearsome fighting team....
A. Power Rangers
B. Thundercats
C. He-Man
D. My Little Pony
E. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
F. Smurfs
G. Transformers

3. More than meets the eye toys
A. G.I. Joe.
B. Transformers
C. Thundercats
D. Legos
E. Nintendo
F. Tonka
G. Atari

4. Scrooge McDuck's personal money bin protector super hero.
A. Launchpad McQuack
B. Gyro screwloose
C. Huey, Dewy, Louie
D. Darkwing Duck
E. Gizmo Duck
F. Bubba
G. Ma Beagle

5. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
A. Mum-Ra the Ever Living
B. Destro
C. Shredder
D. The Joker
E. Mikael Gorbachev
F. J.R. Ewing
G. Star Scream

6. After "Coach" dies, Sam Malone hires who to replace him?
A. Woody
B. Freddy
C. Frasier
D. Norm
E. Bull
F. Charlie
G. Eddie

7. Who were the ORIGINAL 2 bailiffs on Night Court?
A. Bull and Ross
B. Bull and Flo
C. Bull and Selma
D. Selma and Flo
E. Ross and Selma
F. Ross and Flo
G. Dan and Christine

8. The original party animal.
A. Bugs Bunny
B. Honey Nut Cherrio's Bee
C. Quick Rabbit
D. Roger Rabbit
E. Spuds Mckenzie
F. Porky Pig
G. Alvin

9. Giant Golf Ball looking structure.
A. Disney World
B. Disney Land
C. Six Flags
D. Epcot Center
E. Sea World
F. Blands Park
G. San Diego Zoo

10. "If do right, no can defense"
A. Camel Clutch
B. Figure 4
C. Leg Drop
D. Crane Kick
E. Rock Bottom
F. Sweet Chin Music
G. Care Bear Stare

11. Just for the thrill of it, just for the fun of it, just for the taste of it....
A. Diet Pepsi
B. Diet Coke
C. Coke
D. Pepsi
E. Dr. Pepper
F. Mountain Dew
G. 7 UP

12. "The Great One"
A. Hulk Hogan
B. Michael Jordan
C. Mario Lemieux
D. Wayne Gretzky
E. Barry Bonds
F. Larry Bird
G. Andre the Giant

13. If you got the time, we got the beer.
A. Bud Light
B. Miller
C. Budweiser
D. Rolling Rock
E. Dos Equis
F. Sam Adams
G. Coors

14. "Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL, I HAVE THE POWER! Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat and I became...."
A. Lion-o
B. Optimus Prime
C. Bravestar
D. Gizmo Duck
E. Superman
F. Mighty Mouse
G. He-Man

 15. "Jaga the wise," "Lion-o the Lord of the Thundercats," "Tigra the invisible," "Cheetara the quick," "Panthro the Deadly," "Wiley Cat and Wiley Kit the cunning junior duo," all get their power from what?
A. The Eye of Thundara
B. The Thunder Tank
C. Planet Thundara
D. The Cat's Lair
E. The Chain of Omens
F. The Sword of Omens
G. The Book of Omens

16. Michael Jackson revealed his "Moonwalk" to the world during a live performance of which song?
A. Thriller
B. Beat it
C. Billie Jean
D. Dangerous
E. Black or White
F. Smooth Criminal
G. I Want You Back

17. Hill Street Blues took place in which city?
A. Pittsburgh
B. Chicago
C. L.A.
D. New York
E. Miami
F. Dallas
G. They never actually say

18. Made it to 4 Super Bowls in a row and lost them all.
A. Pittsburgh Steelers
B. Dallas Cowboys
C. San Francisco 49ers
D. Miami Dolphins
E. New York Giants
F. L.A. Raiders
G. Buffalo Bills

19. Rubik's Cube stated it had over how many combinations but only one solution.
A. A thousand
B. 3 billion
C. A million
D. 100's upon 100's
E. a Billion
F. A hundred
G. A ton

20. Which Ghost followed Pac-man instead of staying on a set pattern?
A. Blinky
B. Inky
C. Pinky
D. Clyde
E. None
F. All of them do
G. only applies to Ms. Pac-man game

Answers: 1.C  2.E  3.B  4.E  5.D  6.A  7.C  8.E  9.D  10.D  11.B  12.D  13.B  14.G  15.A  16.C  17.G  18.G  19.B  20.A
How did you do? Feel free to leave your score as a comment!