Saturday, November 29, 2008

LIFE: Turkey Bowl 15, part 2

This is how the game went. The teams were Me, Uncle Tony, Uncle Carl, Nicki, and Erica. The other team was Adam, Michael, Larissa, Katie, and the other Katie. Rachel played center for both teams due to her fractured spine. (yes, and she still played)

Our team had the ball first and we started to drive with a few passes from Uncle Tony until he threw an interception to Adam who ran it back for the game's first touch down. 7-0

They kicked off to us and i became the quarterback, i passed to Uncle Tony, Uncle Carl, Erica, anyone who was open. We gained a first down and continued to drive down the field, i saw Erica open in the end zone and i threw it, she caught it for our first touch down. 7-7

When they got the ball they tried a few short passes and then i was covering Adam and a pass i believed to be over thrown and out of his reach was caught by him and ran in for the touchdown. 14-7

We got the ball back and after a few short passes i saw Uncle Carl break free of the defenders so i threw a long bomb which he caught and ran into the endzone tying the game again. 14-14

We kicked off and Michael was able to run the kickoff back the entire way for another touchdown, the score was now in their favor. 21-14.

After a few short passes and driving steadily down the field i found Uncle Carl deep yet again for another touchdown. 21-21

The next drive failed for the other team and they went for it on 4th down, when they didn't make it we knew it was our chance but Uncle Tony was intercepted again and our drive stopped. Another interception by Erica gave us the ball back. I found Uncle Carl deep again, this time he was run down by Adam but we were very close to the End Zone. I found Uncle Carl again for my 4th touch down. 28-21

Their next drive stalled and the ball was turned over on downs, an interception gave them new life and as they were driving down the field on what was to be the last possession of the game they were driving to what seemed to be fate and a tie for the 15th Turkey Bowl. A pass to Katie Carl was bobbled and fell into my hands, the interception sealed the win for our team.

One of the highest scoring games of all times, and arguably the closest and most fun, Turkey Bowl 15 will go down in family history as one of the best.

LIFE: Turkey Bowl 15

On Thanksgiving for the last 15 years we have all gathered on the field to play a football game. This year was Turkey Bowl 15. This will go down as one of the best games we have ever played. The score went back and forth the entire time. I threw 4 touchdown passes and ended the game with an interception for my team as we won 28-21.

Besides the score, the stats, the most important thing was that we all had fun playing it, just as we do every year, just as we have and just as we always will. The Turkey Bowl is a tradition in my family, although we dont have many, this is one of our more sacred ones. I already can't wait for next year so i can play it again.

If i had to sit down and come up with a list of my top ten most fun moments of my entire life, several of the Tukey Bowls would make that list. I know its just a game of football between family and friends and we laugh more than anything else, no one gets hurt or cries or gets mad or upset. Ill never stop playing this game, ill lace up my spikes when im 80 if i have to.

Friday, November 21, 2008

LIFE: the mystery of KIRBY, solved...

Wednesday, February the 21st, 2007 i brought home my first Dumpy Tree Frog, also known as a White's tree frog. (pictured left) I named the little guy Kirby because like the video game cream puff when he saw food he opened his mouth and lunged at it, swallowing it whole. One day i came in to find little Kirby had found a way out of his tank. I saw little dirt marks left behind on the tank top and down the side and on the desk. I looked for days and never found him, wherever he was i knew he must be dead when a week had gone by. FLASH FORWARD

Friday, November the 21st, 2008 i was cleaning my turtle tank and decided to add my old fish filter to help clean the water. It hadn't been used in years but i knew it still worked so i took it to the bathroom to give it a good cleaning up. As i took it apart something fell out that shouldn't have been in there, it was strange looking and i couldn't tell what it was at first but as i saw something that looked like long bones, i knew what it was. "Kirby!" I gasped.

And so after all this time i finally solved the mystery of the missing tree frog. Poor little Kirby died the way he a frog. I gave him a proper burial at sea, (toilet) and i have closure.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

POEMS: untitled

I hate a cloudy night.
Covered in darkness are the hopes and dreams of many.
A bight night sky is for the imagination.
I would give it all to you.
I could catch a comet with my bare hands,
I could move the moon and the stars if you wanted.
I can ride the milky way forever and a day.
I will whisper the secrets of the universe as I fly.
The heavens and the cosmos bow when I go.
For they know the will of just one can make it so.
Star dust to my back, never ending galaxy to the front.
One who has touched a super nova,
One who has felt the solar wind through his hair,
One who has been burned by a solar flare.
Space, in all of its vastness can never outlast me...
Still I am the midnight star jockey.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

GAME: The hobo game

So here is a new game i played today. Its a computer game, pretty simple moves and keys, not hard to play, i beat it on the first try BUT IT IS FUN!!!

You are a hobo on a mission, whats the mission?? You wont find out until the end, but you have all the powers of a bum, spitting, burping, farting, puking, blowing snot, and shitting. You can also throw things such as beer bottles and trash cans. Go through the town after waking up and being thrown out of the city dump. Beat anyone you find, including cops, women, teenagers, garbage men, hippie punk kids and even other bums. Punch and kick your way through the mean streets as you pass each level gaining new hobo moves until you win the game!

I laughed so hard at this game for many reasons, if you are bored and want something to do, PLAY THIS GAME!!! You'll have a lot of fun and you'll also learn what its like to be a hobo trying to make his way in life! Here is the link so you can try it out, which i think you should but thats just my two cents.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LIFE: My fourwheel ride

See what its like to ride with me on my fourwheeler!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life: MY POTATO GUN PROJECT, part three

The first shot was a success, launching the potato at least 325 feet out of my yard, past the neighbors field and smashing off of another neighbors fence post. (see video)

And so my potato gun project is done and the SPUD BUSTER CANNON is now fully operational!

This was the test shot for the Spud Buster Cannon, as you can see i load it, aim and fire! You can't see the potato land or should i say burst off of a fence post, but it did happen. If you listen at exactly :29 seconds you can actually hear faintly the potato hitting the wood.

Life: MY SPUD GUN PROJECT, part two

The first thing i did was change the name from the "Tater Decimater" to "The Spud Buster Cannon." I cut the barrel and the gas chamber. I filed the end of the barrel, (if its sharp the apples or potatoes go in a bit easier.) Next i used the primer around the parts i wanted to glue, you can see some of the purple color it left behind. I then glued all the parts together. You're supposed to let it dry for 24 hours but i really can't wait that long. I assembled the trigger which is a grill igniter, i then cut a hole in the cap and glued it in place. Most potato guns have their push button triggers sticking out of the gas chamber, but i know when spraying in fuel it can get the metal wet and then there is no spark. With my trigger in the cap there should be no problems with it getting wet.

Name: The Spud Buster Cannon
Barrel length: 33 inches
Chamber length: 22.5 inches
Over all length: 55.5 inches
Chamber diameter: 4 inches
Barrel diameter: 2 inches
Ignition system: Hot-Shot Performance Push Button
Fuel: Right Guard Deodorant
Ammo: Potatoes and Apples
Distance: Approx 325 feet

Life: MY SPUD GUN PROJECT part one

For years i have fond memories of my uncles shooting off their "spud gun" while being drunk. This is a gun made out of PVC piping that can shoot apples or potatoes by using hair spray or WD40, really any aerosol product will work. I always dreamed of having my own and NOW that dream is a reality.

I was so bored today i had nothing to do, then it came to me, MAKE A SPUD GUN, also known as a potato gun, spudzooka, spud launcher and other cool names! I knew the general design from the huge one my relatives had so i researched a bit to find out exactly what id need. I went to Lowes and bought all the stuff and came home for the assembly. As you can see in my picture this is everything you will need to make one, (not pictured is the PVC glue which holds the parts together.) So far production is coming along and by tomorrow it should be complete. I will update the gun on here as i finish it. Soon i will revel...THE TATER DECIMATER.