Wednesday, November 19, 2008

POEMS: untitled

I hate a cloudy night.
Covered in darkness are the hopes and dreams of many.
A bight night sky is for the imagination.
I would give it all to you.
I could catch a comet with my bare hands,
I could move the moon and the stars if you wanted.
I can ride the milky way forever and a day.
I will whisper the secrets of the universe as I fly.
The heavens and the cosmos bow when I go.
For they know the will of just one can make it so.
Star dust to my back, never ending galaxy to the front.
One who has touched a super nova,
One who has felt the solar wind through his hair,
One who has been burned by a solar flare.
Space, in all of its vastness can never outlast me...
Still I am the midnight star jockey.

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