Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life: MY SPUD GUN PROJECT, part two

The first thing i did was change the name from the "Tater Decimater" to "The Spud Buster Cannon." I cut the barrel and the gas chamber. I filed the end of the barrel, (if its sharp the apples or potatoes go in a bit easier.) Next i used the primer around the parts i wanted to glue, you can see some of the purple color it left behind. I then glued all the parts together. You're supposed to let it dry for 24 hours but i really can't wait that long. I assembled the trigger which is a grill igniter, i then cut a hole in the cap and glued it in place. Most potato guns have their push button triggers sticking out of the gas chamber, but i know when spraying in fuel it can get the metal wet and then there is no spark. With my trigger in the cap there should be no problems with it getting wet.

Name: The Spud Buster Cannon
Barrel length: 33 inches
Chamber length: 22.5 inches
Over all length: 55.5 inches
Chamber diameter: 4 inches
Barrel diameter: 2 inches
Ignition system: Hot-Shot Performance Push Button
Fuel: Right Guard Deodorant
Ammo: Potatoes and Apples
Distance: Approx 325 feet

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