Monday, September 1, 2008

Hearts Tournament

The date has been set, Thanksgiving 2008 we will host a Hearts card tournament. Four tables of four players each. The top two scores go on to make up two new tables. The top two from those two tables will go on to be the final four of the winner's table for one last championship game. This should be a lot of fun, it was my idea and I'm glad everyone really liked the idea and is willing to participate. I can't wait now. The tables are pretty evenly matched but although hearts takes a lot of thinking, card counting and decisiveness it still comes down to luck of the draw sometimes so anyone can come away a winner...or loser. I'm real excited for it, i dont think ill make it to the winners table but its going to be fun no matter how far i go. The surprise for everyone will be a very special deck of cards. I found a site online that customizes decks for people so im going to make a special Lucas hearts tournament deck just for the occasion. Either way i cant wait to play its going to make Thanksgiving even better, if thats possible. Hearts is an all around great game, i like it so much more than poker. I think everyone should learn to play because it comes on computers and thats my two cents.

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