Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Story of my Birth

The birth of Andrew Lucas happened in this way.
The year is 1982, not quite the 80's and not quite the 70's anymore, that strange transition time. Fairbanks Alaska, the Great Interior. It was a cold dark fall day in late September. My mother went into labor. Rushing to the hospital she was worried she wouldn't make it....but would she??? Yes she would, but it was a close call. She told the doctor he needed to hurry because the baby was coming, I was that baby. The doctor laughed and scoffed at her saying, "Ma'am don't worry, these things take hours, we have plenty of time." She reminded him that she had one before and she knew it was on the way. She was right, as lightening flashed and thunder crashed in the background I came roaring out of the womb and into the world. The doctor raised me high in the air and yelled, "ITS A BOOOOYYYYY!!!" The first Lucas male of the new generation born on the 26th. The world would never be the same now that there was an Andrew Lucas in it. My body temperature was lower than normal and to this day the cold doesn't bother me, I enjoy it. A name was needed but what would it be? My mother and father couldn't agree on anything, horrible names were tossed around like Boris, Igor, Vladimir, and crap like that. My mother, fearing I would get beat up on a daily basis, suggested more normal non-geek names. My dad didn't like any of these. Several days passed and the nurse came in to demand a name. My hospital bracelet and birth certificate needed a name desperately. Feeling frustration my dad told my mom to just pick something. She said, "um, er..uhh, um, ANDREW" My dad then said, "OH THATS A STUPID NAME!" But it was too late the nurse said, nope thats what it is, thats what I'm using. And so being named and being yellow due to jondus my parents took me home where I would start my life and someday end up writing this in a blog 26 years later.

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