Saturday, September 6, 2008

Life: My 2008 NFL picks!

Every year i pick all 32 teams and where i think they will end up and then see if i was right at the end of the season. My cousin Adam and i started doing this years and years ago and we do it every year. We also pick the playoff teams and the Super Bowl Match up. One year i did get it right, the year Seattle and Pittsburgh went. So here they are, my 2008 NFL picks! THESE ARE JUST GUESSES AND PREDICTIONS, MOST WILL BE WRONG.

AFC East
1.New England-They aren't as good but this division sucks, so they'll win it but wont go far once in the playoffs. Their Super Bowl days are over now.
2.Buffalo-This is their year, they will turn it around and end up being a number two.
3.New Jersey-Brett Favre won't save you, besides i refuse to call a team that plays in New Jersey, New York. I hate this team with a passion and it was VERY hard for me to give them this much credit as a number 3. I hope they have one win all year, and thats too much.
4.Miami-Sorry, there are too many problems for this team to do any better.

AFC West
1.San Diego-You'll see this team finally break through and it will all come together this year.
2.Denver-Good enough to be a number two in a rather weak division.
3.Kansas City-Good but not great, playoff hopes will be dim.
4.Oakland-Sorry Raiders, not this year!

AFC North
1.Pittsburgh-It has to be somebody, and this year its the Steelers. They have the hardest schedule in the NFL, a weak division will allow them to at least win it.
2.Cleveland-For the last few years i've been watching the Browns, they are on the move. If they win this division i won't be surprised at all.
3.Baltimore-A lot of problems and unknown, they will be inconsistent week after week.
4.Cincinnati-Major problems for this team, the basement is where you can find them.

AFC South
1.Indianapolis-As long as Manning plays this team will win.
2. Tennessee-A lot of young talent will help this team make the playoffs but inexperience will keep them from doing much.
3.Jacksonville-Maybe a number two and three mismatch but only time will tell.
4.Houston-Not this year Texans, not this year although you will do much better, in fact you'll have the best year of your short existence.

NFC East
1.New York-The Super Bowl swagger goes a long way.
2.Dallas-Overrated this year but who else in this division can give them a run for their money?
3.Washington-Still problems, still close but not close enough.
4.Philadelphia-Its football season again, time for Mcnab to get hurt!

NFC West
1.Seattle-A weak conference and a weak division will help this veteran team go far.
2.San Francisco-An up and comping team that will hold their own in this division.
3. St. Louis-I can't name anyone good on your team.
4.Arizona-With all the talent in the world and you'll still suck because you're Arizona, your quarterback can't even win his job and your coach should be in Pittsburgh anyway.

NFC North
1.Minnesota-Young talent and a very weak division will get these guys to the playoffs.
2.Detroit-Good for you Lions, this year you'll shock us and make us clap...i hope.
3.Chicago-Take a seat Bears, you aren't going anywhere.
4.Green Bay-Get used to this slot Green Bay, you're gonna be here for a while.

NFC South
1.New Orleans-A crappy year won't happen twice with this much talent...will it?
2.Tampa Bay-Won't have to worry about the teams below you.
3.Carolina-I don't know anything about this team, highly doubt they'll do much.
4.Atlanta -No Vick, no wins.

The division winners will go to the playoffs but i think the AFC Championship will be the Colts against the Chargers with the Chargers going to the Super Bowl. From the NFC the Vikings will make it as a very young and talented team. They'll face Seattle for the NFC Championship but the Seahawk's veteran team and experience in the playoffs will win the day and they'll go to the Super Bowl, where they will fall to the San Diego Chargers.

These are just my guesses based on what i know about the teams and how they did last year. Sometimes i'm pretty close but a lot of the times i'm waaaaaay off. Thats the fun of the NFL, you never know whats going to happen! I'll repost this in December and see how right or how wrong i was but for now, thats my two cents.

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