Saturday, February 23, 2013


I'm going to describe a popular movie that you've probably seen before. The thing is, you might not be able to guess what it is, the real answer may surprise you....

Remember that Disney cartoon movie about animals that starts out with the birth of a prince and all the animals are coming to see their new prince?

Our little main character has a very loving parent that teaches him so much about the lessons that he will use future in life.

He also has a female friend that he plays with, unknowingly that someday she will be his true love.

But while still young, our little main character loses his loving parent in a tragic traumatic experience. Saddened, we see him crying having learned a very hard life lesson, he thinks he is all alone in the world now....but he quickly learns he isn't.

A cheerful music montage shows our little guy grown up into a young adult and don't worry, he has a wise old character that is full of wisdom and teaches him a very important fact of life and acts as a guide.

Our main character also has two little friends that we find comical and cute but are always there to stick right by his side!

Soon our main character runs into his female playmate from back in his childhood but this time she's not his friend, this time we see they are falling in love.

It isn't all happy times for the main character, he gets into a fight scene, winning, but soon after a huge fire starts burning everything in it's path. Don't worry, all of the animals escape and our main character survives.

We get the feel that some time has passed and the damages of the fire are no longer visible. We are at the end of the movie and yet again, like in the beginning we find all the animals congregating to view another birth, this time our main character is the father.

And as the movie's final score plays and we listen to the singing, we see our proud main character standing tall and proud high above all on a cliff as the circle of life continues.

Let's not forget all the Oscar nominations for this movie's music too!

If you think I was talking about the Disney cartoon movie of THE LION're wrong. I was actually talking about the Disney cartoon movie Bambi.

Wow. Holy crap. Disney remade Bambi into The Lion King.

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