Saturday, February 23, 2013


I'm going to describe a popular movie that you've probably seen before. The thing is, you might not be able to guess what it is, the answer may surprise you....

You know that historical Mel Gibson movie where he is the main character and he is based on a real live person and he's fighting the British?

He's just kinda living his life even though the British are in charge and the rule over Mel's country but things keep getting worse and they start to talk about freedom and Mel Gibson isn't all that into it but then he loses his family and gets all crazy-mad and decides he's going to fight the British.

This isn't such a good idea considering how big and powerful the British are, and since they've been ruling over Mel Gibson's country for so long.

So Mel Gibson starts to fight the British guys and he keeps winning and it's driving them crazy so they start to fight back harder and  dirtier which makes things in Mel's country really tough on the people but freedom is all anyone is talking about.

But Mel Gibson isn't alone, he rallies his country men to fight with him for the cause of freedom. He even has a friend that is from another country and typically wouldn't be friends but in this case, they also have a hatred for the British, so they're willing to fight too.

Mel Gibson keeps fighting the British and a lot of the main characters get killed in bloody battle scenes. The British REALLY want to kill Mel Gibson's character at this point, feeling if they got rid of him they could stop this rebellion.

At the end of the movie we learn that Mel Gibson's fighting spirit for freedom inspires his fellow countrymen to fight and finally, after years of tyranny, defeat the British, gaining their freedom.

If you thought I was talking about're wrong. I was actually talking about THE PATRIOT.

Wow. Holy crap. Mel Gibson made the same movie twice.

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