Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Starter Solenoid

So the new starter was installed today, the solenoid and the starter come together so when you change one you change both, which was good because I wasn't sure what the problem really was. You can see the difference in the brand new starter compared to the original. Turns out it didn't start once the new starter was installed. Scratching my head, all I could think was what I was thinking 5 weeks ago, the battery is no good. All the signs pointed to the battery, other than the mystery of how come when jumped the car still wouldn't start. Determined to prove myself wrong, and even having to tell my dad we are only doing this to shut me up, after he continued to insist it wasn't the battery, I unhooked the battery to swap it for another one I knew worked out of my truck. Some sparks flew and then it was completely dead, I guess it wasn't the battery after all, but then what was the problem??? Staring down at the starter looking back up at me the problem might have just been looking me in the face....
new starter

An exposed wire! Could this be the problem? After a taping it up we tried the Jeep Cherokee's battery, the Jeep fired right up when we turned it on, so the battery was good for sure. Once in my Charger and all hooked up the Charger fired right up, roaring to life as it loves to do. Ah-ha! The battery, and after weeks of thinking it was a bad battery but listening to everyone else. Just to be sure I turned off the Charger and it started right up again. A new battery is now at the top of the list. Some may say I wasted money on a new starter, solenoid, and alternator but lets face it, those parts were new in 1974. Needing to be changed or not they are 3 less parts I have to worry about for the near future. I said if something needs to be or can be replaced on this car it was going to happen, and I know those parts weren't first in line, but their time was coming soon, so it just happened a bit early. The Charger's body work is now becoming my first priority, I can't take too much more of looking at that old primer paint. Not to mention my plans for the wheels, interior, and the engine/exhaust system have to wait their turn until all the body work is complete.
old starter

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