Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cutting, Fitting, Placing the Floor Pans

Getting the floor pans into the Charger is a fun and challenging project, now replace the word "fun" with annoying and the word "challenging" with headache ridden. In all honesty after market parts rarely fit perfectly like factory parts and so I wasn't surprised, not to mention the Charger's entire floor didn't need to be replaced, just certain areas, and so waste not, want not. Makes a big difference though!
Some things I learned while cutting metal floor pans were, number one, you wouldn't think tiny red hot flaming shards of metal flying at you and landing on your skin would hurt, but they do. Number two, metal getting cut is VERY loud. And number three, when metal is rough cut, its very sharp and it WILL cut you. Now that I am cut up, deaf, and burned, the floor pans are cut into shape and fit! They now can be added to the Charger. I haven't decided if we will be welding the new floor into place, which is what I would like to do, or if we will pop rivet them in. Either way works but welding them would be ideal. If we go the welding route we will have to get the Charger to a place where we can actually weld it. Outlaw driving the Charger is getting to be a habit.

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