Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Totally 80's Child Test 2

I made another 80's test for you to see how much about the 80's you know. If you'd like to take my first one, go here  http://andrew-mytwocents.blogspot.com/2013/05/80s-child-test.html  if not, try this one! Keep your score and find out how you stack up...80's style!

1. In Revenge of the Nerds, what did character Frederick W. Palowaski want people to call him?
a. Booger
b. Ogre
c. Ox
d. Tank
e. Oaf
f. Hoss

2. Went into Wrestlemania 3 undefeated to fight in the Championship match...
a. Hulk Hogan
b. The Iron Sheik 
c. Honky Tonk Man
d. Junk Yard Dog
e. Macho Man Randy Savage
f. Andre the Giant

3. In Super Man II, what does General Zod want Super Man to do?
a. Bow before Zod
b. Kneel before Zod
c. Kiss Zod's ass
d. Perish at the hands of Zod
e. leave earth
f. Die before Zod

4. Michael Knight's talking car...
a. General Lee
b. the batmobile
f. KET

5. Rocky Balboa's license plate from Rocky IV...
f. ROC-1

6.Although it isn't in history books and no credit was ever given, we all know Rocky Balboa single handedly ended which war?
a. the Civil War
b. World War II
c. World War III
d. the Cold War
e. the Revolutionary War
f. the war of 1812

7. In the A-Team, Mr.T's character had a well known fear of...
a. snakes
b. spiders
c. bats
d. water
e. crowded places
f. flying

8. "Say your prayers and take your vitamins and you'll never go wrong."
a. Mr. T
b. Mr. Clean
c. Hulk Hogan
d. Mr. Peanut
e. Mr. Rogers
f. Mr. President

9. The war between the United States and the Soviet Union...
a. The Cold War
b. The US-Russia War
c. World War II
d. World War III
e. The Soviet War
f. The Commie War

10. Who did Rocky NOT fight in the 80's?
a. Apollo Creed
b. Mr. T
c. Hulk Hogan
d. Ivan Drago
e. Tommy Gunn
f. Paulie

11. Teddy Ruxpin's also talking less popular friend.
a. Wormy
b. Slimy
c. Friendly
d. Buggy
e. Grubby
f. Sally

12. "When this baby reaches BLANK miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit."
a. 99
b. 100
c. 65
d. 88
e. 200
f. 89

13. In Police Academy, what did Mahoney put into the Commandant's speech podium?
a. a stink bomb
b. a snake
c. a camera
d. a hose
e. a radio
f. a hooker

14.  Clear, often glitter infused shoes made out of PVC plastic...
a. Jellies
b. Jammiess
c. Plasties
d. Softies
e. Squishies
f. Jennys

15. Which cartoon show did NOT start out as greeting cards?
a. The Shirt Tails
b. Rainbow Bright
c. The Care Bears
d. Get Along Gang
e. Strawberry Shortcake
f. The Smurfs

16.The "Y" in Yuppie stands for...
a. Youthful 
b. You
c. Young
d. Yes
e. Yorker 
f. Yoga

17. Which did NOT take place in New York City?
a. Crocodile Dundee
b. Ninja Turtles
c. Night Court
d. Cheers
e. Ghostbusters
f. My Two Dads

18. Everyone knows Michael Jackson's Thriller was the best selling album of the 80's, but who had the SECOND best selling album of the 80's?
a. Madonna
b. AC/DC
c. Kenny Loggins
d. Phil Collins
e. Huey Lewis
f. Guns N Roses

19. How many states did Ronald Regan win in his 1984 election?
a. 26
b. 15
c. 38
d. 45
e. 49
f. 50

20.  Gravity defying, wall crawling, sticky octopus plastic toy.
a. Wacky Wally
b. Wacky Crawly
c. Wall Crawly
d. Octo Walker
e. Wall Walker
f. Wacky Walker

Dude....time for the results!

1. B- Ogre was the big, mean jock that made the nerd's lives a living hell.
2. F- Andre the Giant went to Wrestlemania 3 undefeated in the WWF to face Hulk Hogan for the Championship, he would lose the match.
3. B- General Zod demanded that Super Man KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! 
4. C- KITT was Michael Knight's talking car, the acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand.
5. C- In the montage scene of "No Easy Way Out" Rocky's license plate is seen and clearly reads, SOTHPAW, referring to the nickname for left handed boxers.  
6. D- At the end of Rocky IV, he makes a speech that makes us realize if he can change, and they can change, WE ALL CAN CHANGE! 
7. F- Mr. T's character, B.A. Baracus was terrified of flying and refused to do it. In almost every episode of the A-Team, they had to trick and or drug Mr. T to get him on the plane.
8. C- Hulk Hogan's trademark message to all of his little hulkamaniacs.
9. A- The Cold War never had a single shot fired but for years we were at war with the Soviet Union.
10. E- Rocky V came out in 1990, and although he never had an official fight with Apollo Creed in the 80's, he did fight him as payback in Rocky III, he also fought a drunk Paulie that wasn't much of a fight, in that same movie.
11. E- Grubby was a strange-looking caterpillar thing that you could buy, but not a lot of kids did.
12. D- 88 MPH was the exact speed needed for time travel, according to Doc Brown in Back To The Future.
13. F- Mahoney's prank backfired when he hid a hooker in the podium.
14. A- Jellies, also known as Jelly Shoes, made your feet smell pretty bad, but that didnt stop girls from wearing them in the 80's.
15. F- All of those cartoons first began as greeting cards, but not the Smurfs.
16.C- Yuppie was a term created in the 80's for the "Young Urban Professional" that seemed to be everywhere.
17. D- The Cheers bar was, and is, in Boston, not New York. The rest of the things took place in New York, which was a common setting for TV and movies in the 80's.
18. B- Back in Black was the second best selling album of the 1980's, only behind Thriller.
19. E- Ronald Regan won a mind boggling 49 states for his second term, an impressive feat considering the voting records he set to win his first term.
20. A- The octopus that walked down your walls was Wacky Wally, although very are, you can still find him for sale today.

18-20  Totally Awesome! You're a Go-Go 80's Reganaut like myself! 

15-17  Radical! Not the best score, but you're still cool enough to party with Spuds Mckenzie! 

10-14  You're like Robo Cop..........you were in the 80's, but nobody cares. 

5-9  Bogus! You're the Walter Mondale of 80's tests. 

0-4  Dude.........you must be a Millennial, and if you're not, you might as well be. 

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