Tuesday, May 19, 2015


After many attempts, I finally caught my pink toe tarantula, Webster, catching a cricket, IN SLOW MOTION! I know it doesn't seem very fast but notice the camera jerk after he jumps on the cricket, that was me being startled and that gives you some idea of his speed because of how late my reaction was.

Many people think Tarantula's are slow and docile but when it comes to catching prey, it's a different story.

Webster was sitting on the outside of his web. The shape is like a cornucopia, he sleeps on the inside during the day but comes outside at night time. I threw the cricket in and it landed on the web. He just sat there, not moving but that didn't matter because Webster saw him the whole time. He is very aware when there is an intruder in his territory.

Notice how still Webster sits. You might think he doesn't even know the cricket is there but you can bet he sees it. Then without warning, Webster strikes! He uses his long legs to pull the cricket to his fangs in one fluid motion. This clip makes it seem so effortless but believe me, it was lightening quick.

It's rare that Webster doesn't hit his target on his first try. He has been known to catch the cricket in mid air as I drop it in his container. Before the cricket even knows there is an attack, it's all over.

Webster started out so small he could have sat on a dime with his legs stretched out and still would have been entirely on the dime. Now he isn't quite as big as my hand, but he's getting there.

Thanks for watching! I still think tarantulas make good pets, but that's just my two cents.

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