Thursday, March 27, 2014


Just because you live in Dallas doesn't mean you live in Texas. It may also shock you that there is a Steelerless Pittsburg out there. I have noticed there are some areas, towns, and cities here (Texas) that have the same namse as places back in Pennsylvania. I have made a list of all the places that share the same name. Some of these may surprise you as they did me.  (Some spellings differ)

Dallas, TX                           Dallas, PA
Pittsburg, TX                     Pittsburgh, PA
Lancaster, TX                    Lancaster, PA
Somerset, TX                     Somerset, PA
Carrllton, TX                     Carrolltown, PA (pronounced same)
Bedford TX,                        Bedford, PA
Cresson, TX                        Cresson, PA
Duncansville, TX              Duncansville, PA
Bridgeport, TX                  Bridgeport, PA
Huntington, TX                 Huntington, PA
Shenandoah, TX               Shenandoah, PA
Lewisville, TX                    Lewisville, PA
Mansfield, TX                    Mansfield, PA
Mt. Pleasant, TX               Mt. Pleasant, PA
Nazareth, TX                      Nazareth, TX
Montgomery, TX              Montgomery, PA
Canton, TX                         Canton, PA
Troy, TX                              Troy, PA
Liberty, TX                         Liberty, PA
Fairfield, TX                      Fairfield, PA
Clarksville, TX                  Clarksville, PA
Decatur, TX                       Decatur, PA
Easton, TX                         Easton, PA
Linden, TX                         Linden, PA
Florence, TX                     Florence, PA
Greenville, TX                  Greenville, PA
Rockport, TX                    Rockport, PA
Weston, TX                       Weston, PA
Yorktown, TX                  Yorktown, PA
Athens, TX                        Athens, PA
Bellville, TX                      Belleville, PA
Centerville, TX                Centerville, PA
Forest Hill, TX                 Forest Hills, PA

As you can see, there are some pretty similar names but they are very different places. Maybe people were lazy or just unoriginal?

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