Saturday, March 16, 2013


In March of '09 I wrote a blog about the first day of Spring, you can actually look it up on this site under March of '09. I talk about how I am really into fishing and plan to catch the biggest fish of my life and then would update it on here. Well I never updated that because there was nothing to update! I went out a lot that year and didn't catch ANYTHING. It was really annoying.

I even went to a place I used to fish a lot as a kid, I didn't know they had drained it and now it's just a field of marsh grasses. Talk about being disapointed. I also managed to get a huge hook stuck in the leg of my girlfriend at the time, that was all I caught that year. BUT THIS YEAR....

That year I also bought a brand new pole, I will be using it and I plan to expand my fishing area, I think I need to try bigger lakes or better waters. I also plan to go with other people that actually know what they're doing. This year I vow to catch at least one fish, (if I do I'll already be doing better than in 2009) And my challenge remains, to catch the biggest fish of my life!

Hopefully this year I will be able to update this blog.

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