Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PETS: my female SHTCT leopard gecko

I realized i never made a post about my first leopard gecko! My female Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot tail!

She doesnt have a name, i got her as a hatchling from the Altoona Petco in June of 07. I didnt know if she was a boy or girl at the time because it takes a while before you can tell, so i never decided on a name and since then i still cant! I hate not having a name for a pet of mine, naming my pets has always been a problem. Its such a big deal i can never deal with it. I thought about Slyth, Mondo, Slater, all cool names but more boy names than girl names. When i finally knew she was a she, it was too hard to come up with a name. I threw around the idea of Allura.

I didnt handle her for the first 6 months that i had her. I didnt want her to drop her tail, as they will do when frightened. Babies are really skittish too. So, not stressing her out, i left her alone for much of her teenage life. One day i moved her into the 20 gallon long tank my turtle had been in. (she ran away from home) Then, on Christmas of 07 she was standing trying to climb the sides of the tank, she cant because leopard geckos cant climb vertical surfaces, but nobody ever told her that. So i reached my hand in and she crawled right onto it! Ever since then i have taken her out to hold, she will climb on my arms and hands and even shirt if you let her. She couldnt be a friendlier gecko. She doesnt like to be touched on her back though, that is one thing she doesnt like. Im going to try to breed her to Flare in the spring time, she slows down in the winter time.

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