Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LIFE: the little toe

I just want to rant a bit on the little toe, or the PIGGY toe if you will.

I don't like you very much. Its true, and i wont lie to you, i think you're pretty USELESS. What are you for? I mean, honestly. Is it just me or is the little toe always the one you hit off of a corner? It hurts so bad, how can something so small hurt so much when hit? Its also hidden when wearing most types of sandals making it look as if you only have 4 toes, thats just embarrassing. I can remember staring trying to see if a person has all of their toes, turns out the piggy toe was just hiding like a pansy ass loser. Even in that stupid, "This little Piggy," poem it has the worst part, CRYING wee,wee,wee all the way home. Also whats up with that toe nail, if you can call it that. Its hardly even there, its all misshaped and deformed and some times it doesn't even need to be cut, HOW does that happen? Someone tell me how it doesn't grow like the others? Then when you actually try to clip it, its almost impossible. Little toe, you SUCK. You are by far the worst of the toes and the thing that really gets me is....I HAVE TWO!!! We would all be better off if that toe was off of our foot but thats just my two cents.

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