Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rainy Day Charger

For the second week in a row it was raining on Saturday, making working on the Charger near impossible. It proves several things, number one, I need a proper garage and two, the body man really needs to get his act in gear and get working on this thing! I also found what the problem with the engine was......alternator. So although that wasn't on the list of things I was going to replace, it somehow found itself to the top of my list. That's ok I guess, it is the original from 1974,  you'd think it's about time to get a new one. It gives me a chance to get a brand new shinny chrome alternator. It won't really look right in the engine bay at the moment, but once it is cleaned up and the new parts are added it will look right at home under the Charger's massive hood. I did replace the thermostat this weekend as well. I found the radiator needed water once we got in there so it was a good thing it needed to be replaced. You can see in this picture the ratchet ready to take off the radiator hose. You can also see the 2BBL carb, and take a good look at it because soon it won't be there and in it's place will be a 4BBL on top of a brand new performance intake manifold.
Also, the new rear window trim came in, but that will go on much later.

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