Thursday, April 9, 2009

LIFE: the great bantam plan

Last summer my dad got some chickens. New Hampshire Reds and Plymouth Rock. They grew, he ate some and now gathers a lot of eggs everyday. Now i like my eggs and eat them often but i came to like the smaller ones better. I rather cook up 3 small eggs instead of 2 normal sized ones, why i don't know. As his chickens grew and became better egg layers the eggs also became larger leaving me still wanting the smaller eggs.

Now for my idea. A "bantam" chicken in a small version of a large one, comparable to the miniature versions of dogs, such as the miniature collie or dachshund or min pin. The thing about smaller chickens is, smaller eggs. So i figure i should get a few of these tiny chickens for their eggs. But how? This is where my plan comes in.

If i get a few "banties" i can have the eggs, im pretty sure my dad would keep them with this other chickens, and i sure hope so because thats a major part of this whole plan. If he says he will then i can go ahead and get some. Ill build Tux my rabbit a new and better pen and use his old one for the chicks, which in a few weeks will be big enough to be outside, also the weather will be warm enough. Soon ill have little eggs to eat. This plan might fall through and very quickly i might add. We will just have to wait and see.

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