Friday, April 10, 2009

Blast from the past: SITCOM KITCHENS

I was watching Hangin With Mr. Cooper the other night and it occurred to me that his show had pretty much the same kitchen set as the Cosby show did. It might have even been the same set, i don't know how Hollywood works. Then i realized something, a TON of sitcoms through the 80's and 90's had their kitchens located in the same place, to the left of a very big living room. I thought of all the left sided kitchens then i thought about all the ones that were on the right. I compiled a list of both to see which side had more, the left or the right.

The Cosby Show
Hangin With Mr. Cooper
Family Ties
Sister Sister
All in the Family
Diff'rent Strokes
The Facts of Life
Mama's Family
Just the Ten of Us
The Nanny
Everybody Loves Raymond
That 70's Show

Step by Step
Full House
Growing Pains
Family Matters
Boy Meets World
Who's the Boss
The Golden Girls
The King of Queens
Mr. Belvedere

Looks like more kitchens were on the left side, but the strangest thing about every single one of these shows, no matter which side the kitchen or living room was on, they all had a two way swinging kitchen door......

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