Friday, April 26, 2013


Look who woke up after a long winters hibernation! My 1974 Charger, ready for another year of restoration. I have big plans for the car this year and honestly thought I would have been much further along by the end of last year.

 Charger was in much need of a good spring cleaning, which he got. Started right up on the first try too after lying dormant for many cold Pennsylvania winter months. Roaring to life, I drove up and down the driveway until I was pretty sure I could take it for an actual drive. This was risky for several reasons, one being I have no idea how much gas is in the tank since the gas gauge isn't working (on the list of things to be fixed this year btw) and two it hadn't been driven in months, meaning I could stall out in the middle of a drive. I didn't care and threw cation to the wind, yet again, and took off down the road. Doing about half mile trips and turning around, I warmed up the Charger on a cool spring day.

 I even decided to get some driving shots. Here are two short clips of the Charger with its favorite driver, me.

So here is what's on the list for this year HOPEFULLY. I know the list doesn't seem long, but added all together that's a ton of time and money. I won't be making the Chrysler Nationals this year with my Charger, as it won't be ready by then, but you can bet on it that I'll be there anyway.
  • Bodywork/Paint job #1 priority
  • install new grille
  • New rear air shocks
  • 4 new wheels/tires
  • new headliner
  • new carpet
  • new dash pad
  • new headers
  • new exhaust dual system
  • chrome air cleaner/valve covers
  • fix gas gauge

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