Saturday, June 30, 2012

1974 Dodge Charger Restoration

Monday night I was watching a reality show on a place that restores classic cars and then sells them. They did amazing work and it made me wonder why my charger couldn't be fixed up to be as nice as the GTO they made on tv. I hadn't looked up parts for that car for probably 10 years so my curiosity got the best of me, as it usually does, and I checked out ebay. I was shocked to find all the parts I ever needed, and how low in price they all were. The interent has come along way in the past 10 years, not that 10 years ago it was too shabby, but even then it was much harder to find the parts I needed, and when I did, they usually cost an arm and a leg. Why not restore the charger? Why not? I couldn't come up with a good enough reason NOT to. And so I decided then and there that I would finally restore the charger.
I had given up on that idea years ago and even tried selling this thing a few times, each buyer fell through and now, I'm really glad they did. I plan to sell my 99 Dodge Dakota and my fourwheeler, with all that extra money to put into the charger, I'll be able to do quite a bit.
I'm not looking to take this car to car shows and win, but if I do take it to a car show I at least don't want to be embarassed. And so I'll start my mission to restore the Charger.


Carson Wininger said...

Good thing you still have this auto. Any updates on the restoration? I do like the idea of restoring old vehicles. For one, you will have the chance to restore it to its former glory. And the thought of having a vintage car is such a treat! [Carson Wininger]

Patrick said...

I agree, Carson! Restoring old and classic cars is fun and exciting! Apart from bring it back to its former self, you will also learn a lot about the make, build and engine of old vehicles. They may look like they were past their prime, but with the restoration wonders, they can fare well with new releases.[Patrick Gauer]

Andrew said...

Sorry, no updates yet! Since September the Charger has been sitting and waiting for warmer weather for more work. I still can't find anyone to do the remaining body work.

Mickey said...

I’m glad that you decided to restore it. A lot of car enthusiasts dig Dodge. I’m sure lots of buyers will come to you after you successfully restored this charger. You found the parts needed. All the work now should be focused on the car itself. Nobody bought it before because, maybe, you’re really meant to restore it first. Restoration is fun! Just think of it as a puzzle game. Good luck! Keep the blog updated. We’d love to see the final result.

Mickey Doshi