Saturday, September 17, 2011

Michael Vick, why I DON'T hate him

Michael Vick, if you do not know, was the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons NFL football team. He got into some trouble for dog fighting, owning, running, and breeding, he then went to jail for this crime. After a few years he has been let out of jail, paid many fines, and is still doing community service for his crime of dog fighting. He now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and many people still boo him and curse his name, saying he shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL ever again for his dog fighting crimes. Well I don't agree with that view.

This man served TIME IN JAIL for a few dogs fighting each other. This man PAID FINES, and I guarantee a millionaire is going to pay a lot of money. This man DID AND DOES COMMUNITY SERVICE for that crime. He also had to pay back the Atlanta Falcons 19.9 MILLION dollars. How much more do you want? He said he was sorry, he NO LONGER does dog fighting and now just wants to get his life back on track and yet you still say, he doesn't deserve it? Why not? What more should he do? What else can he do? He obviously can't take back what he did in his past. He just wants to move on and better himself, how dare anyone deny him this. What happened to second chances? He only gets one I take it?? What happened to learning from your mistakes? (no matter how stupid) He is proof that our system works for rehabilitating convicts or don't we care about that? How much money would tax payers have to pay to keep a man in jail compared to him out of jail and making money, GOOD MONEY?

Don't get me wrong, I have a problem with people who torture animals and I hate to hear about it and I think it's wrong. However I came up with a list of crimes that I find way worse than dog fighting and here it is!



Wife beating

Child sexual abuse

Child physical abuse

Child neglect

drunk driving

Voluntary Manslaughter

Child pornography

armed robbery

drug dealing

drug use






identity theft



counter fitting


insider trading


tax evasion



Then I suppose Dog fighting, followed by cock fighting and then jay walking. So next time you go to bad mouth Michael Vick, let's remember there are far things worse than a few dogs fighting and killing each other and a man who paid his debt to society and is trying to better himself. But I guess you hold the right to not forgive people? I certainly do not approve with what Michael Vick did, but it's time to let it go. That's just my two cents.

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