Tuesday, May 5, 2009

STORES: the customers strike back against Best Buy

I hate the store Best Buy. Its no lie. I have about 100 reasons i could list off the top of my head but i won't waste your time, you know how it is. The thing i hate the most is the upselling and the fact they say they don't make commission and yet try and try to help you, they go out of their way, to the point they will embarrass themselves so you KNOW they must make commission. Today proved that they must, it was all too obvious.

After being screwed once, my friend went back to buy an imac, this time he took cash and walked right back to the computer section picked up an imac off the shelf and started to walk to the register. This just DOES NOT happen in Best Buy, just getting to the section you want without having some blue shirt asshole pop out and say, "CAN I HELP YOU?" is near impossible. As we turned to walk to the register, without speaking to ANYONE mind you, the computer section guy actually did a double take and his jaw literally dropped. Haha, it was so great to see, you could actually see his body language, he was confused and upset.

At the register as my friend PAID for the computer, the computer section guy actually kept getting closer and closer making it obvious he was trying to see what we were doing at the cash register. Don't make commission hu? Sure did seem very concerned someone was checking out without talking to you, yet you guys DON'T make commission. The douche bag got closer and closer until he actually came right up to me and SPOKE to me. Talk about pathetic.

The little bitch says to me, "Um did you...did you take that off the shelf?" And so i said, "He did, yes." Then he said to me, "oh....well....did anyone help you?" Again a very odd question for someone who should care nothing about a commission, because they DON'T make any right?? So i said loud and clear, "NOPE." He then gave a nervous laugh and said, "Oh...nobody ever did that before...so you guys got everything you needed then?" And i said, "YUP." and he walked away, dejected and rejected. It was a wonderful victory. His face was hysterical. He was visibly upset. Again i must repeat, i was told by an employee as he tried to get me to buy more stuff for my camera, "We don't make commission, im not trying to get any commission, its just a good idea to buy the insurance." Well this douche bag today sure didn't seem like a guy who didn't make commission. And as for him saying no one has done that before maybe its because you hound people the second they walk through the door, you won't let anyone shop, you try to get them to buy more expensive stuff or stuff they didn't want or need in the first place, maybe THAT'S why nobody ever did that before, because you didn't give them the chance.

Please Best Buy admit it, you DO make commission and you were PISSED and UPSET that you let 2 grand worth of commission slip through your fingers. I bet the punk still put his name down as helping my friend get that computer, but he didn't. He wasn't asked for help and he didn't even have the chance to jump down our throats with his "help" bullshit. Also the asshole at the cash register told my friend PSU students don't get a discount for macs, yet my friend was told in THAT very store THAT day by someone else they did. Someone better get their facts straight, or someone was lying.

Either way this day does not make up for all the crap that store has put me through but it sure felt good to see the look on that guy's face. Its a small victory in the on going war. My friend stuck it to Best Buy today, soon when i buy my new computer i will do the exact same thing, and i cant wait!

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