Saturday, March 21, 2009

PETS: Angel Eyes, the albino dwarf hamster

He was my first albino hamster. I waited a very long time for something like him to come along. His father was Jester Jr. A male that i originally thought was a female, his father was Jester. A male from my very first litter. Crunchenator was his father, the male of my original pair. I remember when he was born into a very large group of 7 babies. As they grew by the day i noticed he was a very light colored hamster. Soon it was obvious he was pure white.

He was white as snow and his eyes were red like fire. Every one of his babies had red eyes. Because they looked like evil eyes and because i like the movie, THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, i named him Angel Eyes. Angel Eyes lived a very long life. His first litter was three albinos, something close to impossible to produce if you look at the odds and genetics. He never produced another Albino and i didn't keep any from that litter. In his whole life he had 14 babies that survived. I only have one of those babies right now, "Argonaut."

He died yesterday sometime during the day.

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