Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LIFE: The Last of the Blogs for 2008

Well the year 2008 has come to an end and i thought id post my last blog of the year.

I've been through a lot this year, but i can't remember much of it. I got my two crested geckos back in Feb. They are both fine and still alive. I also got my second dumpy tree frog this year, he is fine as well. I found my other tree frog dried up and dead. My leopard gecko is getting close to full grown, she is 15 months right now. I did lose the rescue gecko i tried to save from petco, i bought it last December and in several months it hadn't gained any weight. Let that be a lesson to me for trying to save an animal. Our cat Peaches died this year, she had to be put down because the cancer was so bad that she couldn't swallow any more and wasn't eating. Tux missed all of the shows this year because he went into his summer shedding right when the fairs were going on, but thats ok because 2009 will be a new year. I lost my snake, he didn't die i still haven't found the little guy yet and i do expect the worst.

My cousins Adam and Michael got engaged this year, (not to eachother) and i guess im the last. My little sister got married back in May, it doesn't seem so long ago.

I started my bonsai obsession last winter and had a good growing season. I plan to do a lot more this year now that i am prepared. I will make a lot of advances in my art and continue down the road of being a bonsai master. If ANYONE is the least bit interested in bonsai, i suggest going to youtube and watching the videos of Lindsay Farr's world of bonsai. He in a man who traveled through Japan and China showing different masters and styles and techniques, as well as bonsai farms, pots, gardens and historical places of interest.

The Pens almost won the cup this year, just a few games shy so we will all be looking forward to their progress this year. The seahawks had 12 starters out this year and did horrible. First time they lost the division in 5 years. It was a shame because i had them picked to go far this year and i really believe they would have been able to. Poor Detroit lost every single game, the first time that has ever happened since the league went to a 16 game schedule. I do feel bad for them and their fans, but that city won the cup so its not all bad. The steelers have the second seed and a first round bye in the playoffs and their defense has been outstanding so we are all waiting to see what happens in a few weeks. I'm sure something happened in baseball but who cares?

I had a good Christmas, a good Thanksgiving, a good Easter, Mitch Day was disappointing, ill admit that. I plan to have a good New Years. I'm never sure if thats the last holiday of the old year or the first holiday of the new year? Either way 2008 is over, can you believe it has been 20 years since Batman came out? Good bye 2008, you have been a pretty good year and like every year that has come before you, ill miss you. So for the last time this year you just heard my two cents.

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