Saturday, December 6, 2014


Most of the songs we hear this time of year aren't even Christmas songs even though that's what we call them. A lot of them are only heard this time of year so we group them as Christmas songs but in reality, some were written for different holidays completely!

I consider a Christmas song to have the word, "Christmas," in it, or mention the birth of Christ in some way, Santa Claus, or the word, "holiday."

Oh no! What? Not Jingle Bells! The most recognizable Christmas song of all time surely MUST be a Christmas song! The tune even appears in other Christmas songs! Sorry, "Jingle Bells" has nothing to do with Christmas. It never mentions Christmas, Jesus, or any holiday to be honest. Jingle Bells or "One Horse Open Sleigh," as it was originally called, was written by Lord James Pierpont and first played on Thanksgiving. He played it for his church and it was so well liked by the parishioners that they requested it to be played again for Christmas that year. It has been played every Christmas ever since. 

Sticking with the jingle bell idea, "Jingle Bell Rock," which I personally believe to be a cheap knock off of Jingle Bells only composed to ride the coat tails of the more popular song, is a very famous Christmas song. HOWEVER, not once does it mention Christmas, Jesus, or a holiday. This makes the song about riding in a horse driven sleigh and NOT Christmas.

Go shopping this time of year and you WILL hear this song. I think it is the most played song in stores in the month of December and there are so many versions of it, it's very possible to hear it 10 times without hearing the same one twice. In fact, it has been recorded over 200 times by various artists since 1934. Yet, this famous Christmas song, only played this time of year, has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday of Christmas. It's about a couple enjoying the snow and nothing more. I love this song, one of my favorites for sure but it's not about Christmas.

You may not know the name of this song but you sure know it when you hear it. A very popular Christmas song that actually is about a different holiday. I understand the lyrics say, "Christmas," in them BUT the lyrics came much later after the song had gained popularity. This song was a Ukrainian folk song about the coming of the New Year long before anyone ever grouped it with Christmas music.

The third song about riding in a sleigh that has nothing to do with Christmas! Sure it is played only at Christmas time and again, I love this song, but it never mentions Christmas, a holiday, or Jesus. It does however mention a birthday party which is the closest thing yet to a holiday in any of these songs. Sleigh Ride is a wonderful song about taking a ride in a horse drawn sleigh during the winter months and nothing else. (It was written in July by the way)

Say it isn't so! Is Frosty the Snowman about Christmas?? The answer I will say, "hats off," to Gene Autry for writing this in 1950, the year after he wrote Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That guy is a Christmas song writing machine! Sadly this song isn't about Christmas, it never mentions it or any holiday. The version from the television special we all know and love DOES incorporate Christmas and in those lyrics it changes the line, "I'll be back again some day," to "I'll be back again on Christmas day." The original song and lyrics however, even though written for Christmas, never mention the holiday.

Yes it has to be said 3 times in its title but no matter how many times it is said, it is NOT about Christmas. Written in 1945 during a heat wave this song quickly became a Christmas time classic although Christmas is not mentioned, nor Jesus, nor a holiday. It is simply about a couple enjoying their time together as it snows outside. It's a great song, I love it, it's just not about Christmas.

Well I hope that wasn't too damaging for you. Was your favorite Christmas song on this list? If it was, sad to say, you now know, it isn't a Christmas song. That doesn't mean we can't keep on living the lie though, so go ahead and enjoy these, "Christmas" songs!

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