Friday, July 26, 2013


So when you look at Richie Rich and Casper side by side it's pretty obvious that Casper is in fact, the ghost of Richie Rich. 

So the question now did he die??? Richie Rich was known as the richest boy in the world and Casper was known as the friendly ghost (a rip off of another friendly ghost but that's another blog) but what caused Richie Rich's death? An accident, a rare childhood disease, suicide, murder??? The mystery has been surrounded by secrets for years UNTIL NOW when I shall uncover the mysterious death of beloved Richie. 

There are few clues out there about the death of Richie Rich for me to find when I searched HOWEVER you'd be shocked and horrified at what I could come up with when I had to. Here are a few nightmare scenarios for you to think about. Each one a very probably cause of death for our poor richest kid in America. 

Scenario 1. SUICIDE

Was it possible that Richie Rich was so depressed that he would take his OWN LIFE? This reporter thinks so. I know, I know, if you had all the money in the world wouldn't you be so happy that killing yourself would NEVER enter your mind? Maybe, but consider the fact that if you have everything, what do you have to look forward to or live for? Richie may have been so lonely and bored with all of his things that he started to glamorize death. This picture proves that the only joy Richie got out of life was reading morbid literature and fantasizing about death and the after life. Note the amount of money Richie had, so much he just SAT on it like a freakin chair because he had so much of it he didn't know what else to do. Yes, killing himself would make a lot of sense, BUT there is more than one way to kill a child. 



Richie Rich was so rich (how rich was he!?) He was so rich that he actually had robotic engineering decades before it became public practice to get dressed by a robot. Surely the robotics of the previous century weren't as good as they are today. Perhaps one day there was a terrible accident and the robotic hands that once dressed this little boy tore him limb from limb or at the very least, strangled him to death. We see here in this file photo that the tie is getting tied awfully tight around his plump little neck. Yet, there are many ways to die accidentally and when you live the life of a super billionaire, you're bound to be involved in some risk taking behaviors. 

Scenario 3.  SHARK ATTACK. 

A favorite past time of any rich person is taking costly vacations to tropical destinations, PERHAPS one such vacation turned out to be VERY costly for Richie Rich indeed! Richie Rich always had dumb ideas and indulged in them. Being dragged along in the middle of the ocean by a cruise ship can only be classified as a bad idea, but Richie wouldn't see it this way. I can only assume that the bright gold color of his dingy produced massive amounts of sharks and Richie Rich ended up being shark bait. I saw Jaws, it doesn't take much to get eaten by a shark. 


Keeping up with the expensive vacation idea, Richie Rich frequents Alaska as one of his favorite hot spots, which in fact turns out is not hot at all but in reality, pretty damn cold. Richie Rich, being a diva must tan on the hour every hour, even in sub zero temperatures. Despite all the warnings from his eskimo tour guide, he attempts to soak up some rays from the midnight sun, and in a matter of seconds, freezes to death. On the verge of death himself, the eskimo tour guide has no choice but to feed Richie's frozen carcass to his sled dog team in order to survive. (There was no scientific evidence to suggest this last part of the scenario but you have to admit it sounds pretty likely.) 


Richie certainly would have had many young girls after him. Knowing he could never find anyone that truly loves him for who he is and NOT just for his money, he becomes a man-whore. Richie sleeps with every girl he meets and many high-class hookers. Eventually this lifestyle catches up with him and he gets a case of full blown aids. All the money can't save him from this disease and Richie ends up dying a slow painful death. Keep in mind Richie lived over 60 years ago although his Casper ghost still roams the earth to this day some say, back then they didn't have the same kind of medicine that we do now. 


We now have evidence that support reasons to believe Richie Rich's ship went down off the coast of Costa Rica. With very little survival skills, hell he can't even dress himself without a robot, Richie and his family would have lasted for mere days before thirst and hunger drove them to insanity, far too weak to even act on their crazy urges, Richie Rich and his family would have perished on the beach. And their bones will bleach in the sun. 

Scenario 7.  MURDER 

By the butler, in the kitchen, with the poison sandwich! How would you like to be a slave to the world's biggest spoiled brat? Ask Cadbury, Richie's faithful servant and personal bitch. After years of watching Richie blow his money on stupid things after being paid peanuts by cheap parents, Cadbury decided he couldn't take anymore of it. He was sick and tired of the monetary puns that Richie would use on a daily basis and one day he snapped! So trusted was the butler that he easily slipped rat poison into Richie's daily "sandrich" and watched as he ate his own doom. Most people would kill for the money but Cadbury did it for the cheap thrill of it, (excuse the Richie-esque pun there.) He also got away with it!   

Scenario 8. DRUG OVERDOSE 

Many famous people die of drug overdoses. Could Richie Rich be in this category?? Fact number one, Richie Rich had a thing for the ladies and would get them at any cost (not a pun that time.) Fact number two, for a kid that rich steroids and human growth hormones would have been readily available. Fact number three, Richie clearly had an addictive personality. Fact number four, Richie's favorite thing was showing off, and what better way to show off to prepubescent girls than having huge muscles before any other boy his age? Just look at the chest on this kid, genetics can only do so much for you, this is a body of someone that has been juicing. Richie could have easily become obsessed with using steroids and ended up overdosing on them. 


Richie could do anything he wanted right? Let's just say he stayed home playing on his pool table all day while his friends were in school. He would actually get pretty good. So let's say for the sake of argument that Richie, out of sheer boredom, went from pool hall to pool hall hustling people. No one would suspect a child to be a pool hustler and even less would suspect the amount of money he could put down on a game. Each night Richie suckered some idiot into playing pool with him only to screw them over by beating them and taking their money. One night Richie ended up hustling the wrong person and found himself dead. How likely is this scenario? VERY. 


Scenario 10.  DIED OF OLD AGE

No hold on a second! No way he could have died of old age, he is just a boy! ......or was he? What if Richie Rich used his billions of dollars to keep himself looking and feeling young? What if he was much older than his appearance led on? What if he had that disease Gary Coleman had that made him look like a kid but he was actually an adult? There is a good chance Richie was really Richard Rich and he was an old man the whole time. What if he just died of old age? On a likely scale of 1 to 10, this scenario would be a 10. 



Hey, it could happen to anyone. 


Well there you have it, some pretty compelling evidence no? Did I prove that Richie Rich and Casper are one in the same? Absolutely. Did I solve the mystery surrounding Richie's death? Not even close. But what I did do was raise some very interesting questions. Sure there are far more than just 11 ways to die and I did show what scientists would call "overwhelming definitive proof." But I'm not willing to agree with them just yet, because in my eyes this mystery remains unsolved. Is Richie Rich dead? Certainly. Is Casper his ghost? Again the answer is certainly. How he died though remains a secret even to me, the world may never know. I will leave you with one more resounding question, if Casper has not been seen in quite some time is it possible, NAY PROBABLE, that he is now in hell? I think again, I answered my own question with this last bit of evidence. 



Bee Vorp said...

It's impossible Richie Rich is Casper... Caper was created on 1939 and RR was created on the 1945! Sorry...

bevgrey said...

Scenario one is not possible because it shows RR reading a Casper comic, proving they existed simultaneously. If Casper had been reading the RR comic, your theory might have some merit

Andrew said...

True Bee Vorp...UNLESS Richie Rich's life was documented after he was already dead and Casper led people to look into the life of Richie Rich.

Andrew said...

bevgrey I see your point, however that picture is just an artist's conception and not an actual photograph so scenario one is still possible.

Urvy1A said...

Or, he got slaughtered by Klingons.

TIM CURRAN!!! said...

Unless the RR series served as a prequel....

Joel Lafargue said...

Hey buddy, if Richie and Casper were the same person, how do you explain the "Richie Rich and Casper comic book that debuted in 1974?

Brandon Noel said...

In 1974 Casper and Richie Rich had a few cross over adventures.

KinYashi said...

Not only did they crossover but Richie was said to 9-11 years old so how would he even know what sex is.They only look alike because they were drawn by the same artist. Scenario 2 sounds most likely, the rest are simply ridiculous!

KinYashi said...

Casper died of pneumonia and was 12 years olds, you said it yourself Richie had robots well before his time so I'm sure they could have found a cure for pneumonia. And if he was 12 years he could not have died of "old age" like you said.

shen777 said...

Maybe he's richies dead twin

Unknown said...

Is that a good guy??

Unknown said...

OK I can sort out this mystery. You are close, but it's a little more complicated. Casper is the ghost of a dead Richie, but had Richie died in any of the ways you suggested he would have either went to heaven or hell. Also, he can't have died of old age because his ghost would look old no matter how much plastic surgery he had done to look like a kid, or had a disease. Anyway, because Casper walks around on earth he is in Limbo (rather than Purgatory) because he is a child. This is because he used vast amounts of his money to invest in the latest in cryogenic technology, as he had the vain desire to live forever as a youth (Dorian Grey/Peter Pan syndrome). So because he cryogenically suspended himself he's not alive yet he's not completely death either, hence his ghost is left to roam the earth in Limbo until such time as his frozen body is either thawed out, which would cause his ghost to instantly fly back into his body, or his frozen body is destroyed which would cause his ghost to suddenly be sent either to heaven or hell (probably hell as punishment for all that techno-existentialist tinkering he did).

Unknown said...

Oh and by the way that picture of him on the dog sled is him being transported to his cryogenic chamber in a solid block of ice, you can see the outline of the block of ice encasing him.

NoGoodNik 73 said...

Even the rich are not exempt from loneliness and the onset of mental illness. Clearly the dude is Bipolar - as candidly captured in this '74 debut!

NoGoodNik 73 said...

Some compelling evidence there - you got me convinced!