Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life: MY SPUD GUN PROJECT part one

For years i have fond memories of my uncles shooting off their "spud gun" while being drunk. This is a gun made out of PVC piping that can shoot apples or potatoes by using hair spray or WD40, really any aerosol product will work. I always dreamed of having my own and NOW that dream is a reality.

I was so bored today i had nothing to do, then it came to me, MAKE A SPUD GUN, also known as a potato gun, spudzooka, spud launcher and other cool names! I knew the general design from the huge one my relatives had so i researched a bit to find out exactly what id need. I went to Lowes and bought all the stuff and came home for the assembly. As you can see in my picture this is everything you will need to make one, (not pictured is the PVC glue which holds the parts together.) So far production is coming along and by tomorrow it should be complete. I will update the gun on here as i finish it. Soon i will revel...THE TATER DECIMATER.

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