Friday, October 31, 2008


So its Halloween again, did you get candy? Lets face it this is the REAL reason for the holiday. Many haters out there and pussy parents say that it is an evil day for devil worshipers and to go against God. That may be, but unless that is what your child is doing instead of ringing your neighbors doorbell to mooch candy don't worry about! I mean come on, how many Halloweens have you been through in your life and how many deaths have you heard about, NOT caused by kids getting hit by cars or the unfortunate old man who took his kids out and died of a heart attack? NONE. Lets count them again, ZERO. If there are devil worshipers i haven't seen any around, and no kid i ever grew up with or knew got killed by one or ran into one. Besides even if these crazy people exist do they need Halloween to do evil things? Hell no.

I understand the whole, I'm a Christian and dressing up as the devil is wrong for any reason, excuse. But let me just let you hear what most kids go as for this holiday. SUPER HEROES. Yes thats right, the best selling costume for kids are super heroes and cartoon characters. Sure we get a vampire or Jason or devil in there but come on once a year is too much?? Kids don't get it by the way, they don't make the connections that crazy parents do. Dressing up like the devil means one thing to them, I GET CANDY. Thats it, thats all, if more is read into it its not by the one wearing the costume. I have NEVER heard (and neither have you btw) a kid dressed up as a devil or demon say, "Now i must worship the devil and do evil things because i am evil and this is a day just for me to be as evil as i can be, HAHAHAHA!!!!" Come on, kids are too stupid and all they want is candy, its true, kid's lives revolve around getting things handed to them for doing nothing and Halloween is the greatest of these.

In the first grade class i am in these were the costumes i heard the kids say they were going to be, Cinderlla, a pirate, sponge bob, batman, spider man, Dracula and a cowgirl. Holy shit lock your doors and hide in the basement, those kids mean trouble!!! For the older kids the costumes do get scarier but lets face it, its just because they don't want to be picked on by their friends or even older kids, as we know kids can be so cruel. Most teenagers would go as spider man but they'd get the shit kicked out of them so they dress up as Jason and egg a house or two.

So why take Halloween away from the children, the ones who don't even understand the point of the whole thing....hey can ANYONE tell me the point of Halloween while we're on the subject?? Heres an idea, THE FUCKIN' CANDY! Thats it, I'm sorry, i'll defend the point of Christmas and Easter as Christian holidays, but this one is just a joke, its for the kids to dress up and get candy, end of story. If you think its more than YOU are the one who is making it out to be more. The real day was originally known as All Hallow's Eve, which if you notice is the EVE of the real day, not even the real day so come on!!!

Sure some kid will get hit by a car or trip and break a bone or two but other than that no harm really comes to kids. I know i know we've all heard the story of the razor blade in the apple but ya know what? I'm not sure that ever happened. I think its just an urban legend. It really sounds like some crazy neurotic parent thought that up and said, holy hell this COULD happen! And so the story got blown up into IT REALLY DID HAPPEN TO A KID. Besides how do you NOT know something was stuck into your apple? Check the damn thing before you eat it, besides if you live in a good neighborhood and you only go to houses of people you know then what is the harm, honestly what is the harm? When the kids in my first grade class room were told there would be no Halloween party and that they could not dress up they all hung their heads and moaned WHHHHYYYY???? It sure was sad. I wanted to tell them the truth, "You see kids, some parents are pretty big pussies and they think some of you are big pussies just like them and some of you idiot kids can't handle the holiday either, so they outlawed it so nobody's feelings would be hurt." Cause come on, that IS the truth right? If not you tell me why there was no party? Poor kids can't afford costumes? Ever hear of an old sheet, they make great ghost costumes. These kids were bombarded by tv specials and commercials and ads of every kind promoting Halloween and then they can't even enjoy it! Its a crying shame i tell you.

In closing just give the kids the real meaning of Halloween...candy. There is no need to make a big deal of the evil people out there who are just waiting all year for today to kill stuff....i guess?? If a kid wants to dress up as the devil ok so what, he isn't doing it because he LOVES the devil or because he is now a servant of the devil, hes doing it cause hes a kid and he doesn't know better! Besides did he MAKE that costume? Did he buy that costume all by himself?? Did he give himself permission to wear that costume??? No, YOU DID, the parent! So be more responsible. Please have a safe and happy Halloween and if you have a problem with that holiday then you can go fuck yourself, and thats just my two cents.

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