Monday, February 8, 2016

I want to live in Avonlea

I don't care that Avonlea doesn't exist. I wish it did. I'd live there in a heartbeat. Prince Edward Island, part of Canada, is real but unfortunately the village of Avonlea is completely fictitious. It is where Ann of Green Gables takes place, and Lucy Maud Montgomery went on to write more books and stories that took place in the small town of Avonlea. Disney created the show, Road to Avonlea from these stories and characters. I could see myself living there at the turn of the century....(not the one a few years ago, but the one before that) I suppose I was born 100 years too late.

According to the book, Avonlea was North of White Sands and Carmody. I wonder what it would be like to live there back in the early 1900's? 

With its rolling green hills and farm fields surrounded by woodland, I can't think of a better place to live. 

The village is small and peaceful. I would like to say quiet but there was always something exciting happening in Avonlea. 

 At some point I would take a trip to White Sands and stay at their hotel, and enjoy playing a game of croquet with some of the locals.
Maybe I would stop in to see Hetty King and Sarah Stanley in Rose Cottage which is at the very edge of the King Farm.

Speaking of the King family, I hope I would be their neighbors. What a great farm they had. 

I couldn't possibly live in Avonlea without frequent stops to the famous Green Gables.

Is there any place more beautiful than Avonlea in the winter time??

 Avonlea doesn't exist anywhere other than our minds and our hearts. Luckily, if we ever want to visit, we can just open a book and we'll be there.

To friends and loved ones, near and afar. That wherever you wander, whatever glorious adventures lay ahead of you, you can rest easy knowing you have a place to come home to, the dearest spot on earth...our Avonlea.   -Hetty King

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