Saturday, July 21, 2012

Charger Floor Pans

Shouldn't the floor of your car be under your feet and not up against the car??? Usually yes, unless you ordered new floor pans and they just came this week and they haven't been installed yet, then you get what you see here.
Now that I have them getting them IN is the tough part, there are several ways to do it and the easiest might not be the best.
I ordered the rubber parts that go around the side windows, the original rubber was cracked and dry rotted so it's time they are replaced. I won't be adding them until after the body work is all done and the paint is on the car.
I removed the grille today as well, it had to be done sooner or later as they are going to be replaced with a grille that ISN'T broke and cracked.
The gas gauge still isn't working and is kinda annoying at this point, not that I have long trips I need to take and have to know how much gas is in the car, but still. I looked at the fuses and there was only one that needed replaced, but two looked to be a bit rough so I replaced those as well. The gas gauge still didn't work so it must be a wire, either way I'll find out eventually.

The body man didn't come to look at the car as he was supposed to, but he did tell my dad that he wasn't avoiding us he just happens to be really busy and he had a guy quit on him so he doesn't have a lot of spare time. I really hope he comes out to see it this week because I really want to get the body work started, it's the major part of the restoration.
I hooked up the air shocks to see if they work, they didn't ten years ago and they still don't today. I thought maybe it was just the air tube being dry rotted or cut or maybe there was a hole in it but you could hear air escaping so air was getting into the shocks. Those are on the list for things that needs to be replaced! (That was something I planned on anyway)

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