Friday, May 15, 2009

The Following is closed captioned for the hearing impared

Well i just have to rant about something. I hate ads, i really hate them. You cant get away from them, they are EVERYWHERE. I just can't stand commercials anymore and its been like this for a long time.

It's bad that any clip you want to watch on the internet FORCES you to watch a commercial first, you cant skip it or anything either, you have NO CHOICE but to watch it or miss the clip you're really after. (i make it a point to never buy anything offered on these internet ads btw) So if that wasn't annoying enough now before movies in the theaters they are starting to run commercials. Its like, i came to the movies to watch THE MOVIE, not a commercial i have seen at home or will see at home. It's just very sad in my opinion. Everything is about making money, thats all it comes down to anymore.

If you have on demand, as i do, then you know that even those shows and free movies are putting in commercials, not as often as regular tv, but still one is too much for me. And very recently i see they are putting commercials INSIDE other commercials! Yes you heard me, probably the worst idea of all time. If you watch MTV you know exactly what im talking about, during their commercial for The Duel 2, they throw in a short commercial for the new Star Trek movie, then go back to the Duel 2's commercial. PATHETIC!

But now, after all that i think i saw the worst of the absolute worst. My aunt is hard of hearing so she has her tv turned on to the closed captions. Well let me tell you, first of all, if you read those, they leave things out people say and they also misspell a lot of the words, especially on espn for some reason? Anyhow before every show and after every show they type up a little ad. That's pretty annoying. The ad was for Volkswagen. Now tell me, because i really don't know, do deaf people drive??? Can they drive, i mean SHOULD they be allowed to drive cars? I really don't think they should, we drivers know a simple horn can save a life and that would do nothing for a deaf person. So my question is, WHY ADVERTISE CARS TO DEAF PEOPLE?

It's just one more way to force people to see an ad they didn't look for as far as im concerned. The people who can't hear the tv don't know it wasn't said, they'll read anything! Then its too late, they already know that Volkswagen has cars. Again, thats about the worst thing to advertise for people who can't hear, maybe an ipod is the only thing thats worse. Either way im sick and tired of all the ads and commercials in this world, enough is enough. Lets face it, if you need something you don't need a commercial about it, you'll buy it if you want it ....but thats just my two cents.

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