Saturday, April 13, 2013



So the chicks are one week old, and yes there are only 5 of them. For whatever reason only 5 hatched out of 24, not too good of a number. The geese eggs are due to hatch Sunday into Monday, if they will at all.

There are two yellow chicks and two reddish chicks and one with stripes. You can't sex these chicks by their color like you could their parents BUT if color is any indication, then they should all be females except for the little one with stripes because he looks just like the rooster and all the hens are red. We will continue to watch their progress to see what is what.

Chicks do a lot of sleeping at this age which may surprise you because they always seem to be so busy with running around and scratching and peeping. I took a short video but they were acting pretty bored when I filmed. There is a red tint to the video, it's because of the big red light that has to be on constantly to help keep them warm.

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