Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Here is a short list of a few people I just plain miss from my life and wish they'd come back.

CHRIS FARLEY. Don't you all just miss this guy?? How funny was he? His movies were hysterical, even his worst movie is still funnier than half the movies out nowadays. He died too early in my opinion and I hate to think about all the wonderful movies and jokes we are missing out on.

Kenny Loggins. Remember this guy!?! What a good musician, I wish he would make something new or get into a soundtrack again like he used to back in the 80's. Caddy Shack, Footloose, Top Gun, man what a guy. In fact....where is he now? I really am clueless, pretty sure he's still alive but I have no idea where he is or what he's doing, whatever he IS doing, it's not making more great he should be. Also, what a great beard.

Leslie Nielsen. Oh what I wouldn't give for just ONE MORE naked gun movie! I was so thrilled and happy to see him in some of those new Scary Movie's when he played the president but for him to star in one more movie would have been so good. Kids today are going to miss out on this comedic talent and it's a shame!

Huey Lewis. Please come back....please, Huey please....listen to me...I need you in my life, please come back to us Huey!!! I swear he is going to return one day, maybe by himself I don't really care if he brings the News with him, as long as he is the one singing. This guy was the background sound of the 1980's and hasn't made so much as a peep since then. If he made a bad song, I didn't hear it. I just wish he would make more music.

Michael Jordan. Not that I was a huge Bulls fan or anything but look what we are stuck with now. Lebron James is a dick, Kobe is a rapist, Shaq has the brain of a 5 year old, we sure could use a little Air Jordan right about now if you ask me. I was watching the ESPN special on Michael's 50th birthday and as I watched the clips of him playing I just thought to myself, "boy we don't have anything close to that right now." Well we probably never will again.

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