Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Battery, New Battery Tray

This is embarrassing but look at the before and after shot of the old battery "tray" and the new battery tray, can you tell which is which? A blind person with his eyes shut could tell you I needed a new battery tray. Yes, that's a block of wood that served as part of the old tray and I hate to say it but that was the strongest section. Makes you wonder how anything can get that bad. I can assume that a leaky battery and possibly water getting in and sitting in the tray at some point in the past led to the tray getting that rusted. The bolts were so rusted that when the old tray came out, they stayed bolted into the car! They were so rusted themselves that they couldn't even be removed, I had to install the new battery tray on top of them until I can get my grinder and cut them out. The new battery went in the new battery tray, was hooked up, and the Charger started right up no problems. I let it get warmed up because it was about to do something it hadn't done in ten years.

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