Thursday, April 30, 2009

MUSIC: Lady Gaga

A few weeks ago i heard someone on tv say, "Lady Gaga." I said, what the hell is a Lady Gaga? Then i forgot about it. In the next 5 days i heard about this Lady Gaga person about 10 times which got me thinking, seriously...who is THIS??

I even mentioned it to my friend, saying i heard the term Lady Gaga and now have heard about her so much but i don't know who she is or what she does. He said it was the same for him. So who is this new singer that is taking the country and world by storm? I decided to find out for myself.

I looked up pictures of this Lady Gaga first because i didn't even know what she looked like, let alone what songs she sang. She is a very innovative dresser, very odd at times, not just in her videos, but in real life as well. Her makeup can be extreme and her hair often looks fake. Its easy to see why she is popular. She obviously doesn't get dragged into trends, rather creates them.

I watched a minute or two of 4 of her videos one right after the other and although most sounded the same, (which is just her style) they were all pretty good. Very catchy and dance club-esque. I assume that is where her popularity started and spread to the average listener. I found out she was first a writer for musicians such as, Fergie, The Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, and New Kids on the Block. When a producer found out she had a voice, she got a record deal. Some of her more famous songs are, Poker Face, Love Game, Just Dance, and Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say. All good songs in my opinion.

She is very original, its easy to see why a lot of people like her. Again her songs are VERY catchy, which is always the recipe for success. She's an American singer, born in New York in 1986. Lady Gaga is just her stage name of course, a music producer compared her vocal style to Freddie Mercury so she took the name Gaga from the Queen song Radio Ga-Ga. Check out her website at She's a really cool new singer and i'm glad i got to know her, i think 2009 was waiting for a person like her, the time is right as they say, but thats just my two cents.

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