Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So my beloved Dodge Challenger was hit and run this weekend. Anyone that this has happened to can relate and although hitting and running is considered a crime, it probably ranks number one with crimes that people get away with, and that just plain isn't fair.

It's no secret I baby my Challenger. I wash it more often in a month than most people wash their car in a year, I wax it too, I clean the inside with special leather cleaner and I don't eat in it. I won a trophy at a car show because of my dedication to detail when it comes to cleanliness. Simply put, that car looks amazing at all times. That's not being conceded, it takes a ton of work, time, effort, and money to keep a car looking "off the lot"'s also a big pain in the ass. So why do it? Because I want it looking that way and you'll never hear me complain about the effort I put into that car because I make the choice to do everything that I do for it.

People laugh and roll their eyes when I park far away from other cars in parking lots. Well who's laughing now??? My car was hit in a parking lot because SOMEBODY got too close and was too careless or stupid to pay attention to my car. Why should they though? It's not their property, they didn't pay for it, they didn't wash and wax it, they don't use it, so go ahead and ignore it. That actually makes perfect sense to me, and THAT is the reason why I park far away from others, because people with THAT attitude. I am protecting myself. Clearly, not everybody cares about my car as much as I do, so I will walk further than most people to get to where I'm going because I want to be safe. I am writing about my car getting hit in a parking lot. Odd......a lot of precaution for nothing now it would seem. Does being so careful pay off in the end? Evidently not.

Folks, if you're like me you're about to tell a nightmare scenario. Just imagine, you park in a parking lot away from all other cars on a sunny Texas Saturday. You make sure you park far enough away that no one is going to want to park that far away. Oh well though, it's a very empty parking lot and there are plenty of spaces! After only a few short minutes you come out of the store and from across the parking lot you can already see something is wrong......something isn't right with the smooth classic lines of your Dodge Challenger. I was horrified to come out of a store to see a big ugly dent and missing paint on the passenger side of my Challenger. My eyes went right to it so I believe it happened there but I can't really be sure since it was the passenger side and I always enter my car from the driver's side. No one was around and the vehicle that did this was no where to be found. I had been "hit and run."

The ol' hit N run, the worst of crimes. Someone got away with not having to deal with their responsibility. I am now spending my own money and using my own insurance to fix a problem that I did not create, want, ask for, or need. I will say the insurance company, State Farm, has been very helpful during this dark time. It's still a headache though, calling them, calling body shops, calling them again, having them come to look at it, having it go to a shop, having to get a rental car, having to drop it off and then pick it up, having to pay out of pocket for my deductible, and so on. All this could have been avoided if SOMEONE had just been a bit more careful.

A dent that size was clearly noticed by the other driver that caused it. I am sure it shook the car and made a loud sound of bending mental. Then, considering there was no vehicle nearby, proves that whoever did it knew it and then got out of there fast. What a jerk. I mean what a jerk. You did something wrong, then you avoided having to deal with it because that is easier for you??? Well that's nice because it's not easy for me to take care of all this crap now. YOU hit my car, YOU need to own up to it and say, "hey sorry, here is my insurance information, I'll take care of this." Not even a note was left of my car. It's probably better I didn't see them or talk to them because I can't say I wouldn't have kicked an ass or two right there on the spot but at the same time I can understand accidents happen. I can accept an apology and although I still would have been SUPER PISSED, as I was, I would have really respected a person that stands up like a man and takes responsibility for their own actions.

I will not speculate who hit my car. Man, woman, old person, young person, straight, gay, white, black, purple, none of that matters to me. That information has nothing to do with this incident. I have heard many people tell me it was probably an uninsured motorist because they would have been in serious trouble had they stuck around. Others have even suggested that they were uninsured because they were illegal aliens. Well, I don't know about any of that, although it would make a lot of sense why that kind of person wouldn't stick around but let's be honest, the only thing that matters about this person is that he or she is an asshole.

What kind of person hits a car, knows they hit and then leaves the scene of the crime? A criminal. Yes, a criminal. Perhaps they weren't a criminal when they woke up that day but they sure were when they laid their head on their pillow that night! Speaking of that, how did they sleep that night? With a big sigh of relief? Without a thought to my car or the poor guy that has to deal with it? Probably none of those thoughts ran through their head. Maybe they actually laughed since they got away with something? Maybe they went and told all of their friends about some kick ass car they rammed and then left? Maybe they were happy it happened? We will  never know unfortunately and people keep telling me that the person did NOT get away with it because someday they will pay for it. I can only hope but it that doesn't bring me much comfort.

I really feel bad for that dumb ass. A person that can do that and just walk away must be a sorry excuse for a human being. A low life. An inconsiderate prick that cares only about themselves. I bet their life sucks and they probably are too stupid to even know it. If they had a car that was a pile of crap (my guess) and had so many dings and dents and duck tape holding it together they probably just shrugged their shoulders to this event. If they had a really nice car too (highly unlikely) maybe they freaked out and selfishly ran off to a body shop to fix their own precious vehicle. If they didn't have insurance that shows what kind of a person they are, having no respect for rules or the law. A selfish, self centered close minded person is who this was, I think we can all agree on that. No scruples, that's for certain if anything else we all know that.

So to the brainless, spineless, careless, dickless, hopeless, selfish, moronic, rude, immature, dumb son of a bitch piece of monkey shit that hit my car, may the WORST of WORST things happen to you. I really hope something terrible happens to you and as you bitch and cry over it someone says to you, "Oh ya? Well you hit that guys car once and didn't seem to care about that!" That's what you get and it's only fair you are made to suffer. You don't know about being fair so let me explain it to you in small simple words so you can understand. Me paying my money for your accident is unfair. Clear enough for you or should I dumb it down for you even more than that?

In closing, for those of you out there that have also had to endure the dreaded and unexpected hit and run, I am sorry. I am sorry it happened to you. I am sorry you spent your own money fixing someone else's mistake. I am sorry no one apologized to you. I am sorry you didn't ask for that or want it to happen. I am sorry you had to feel violated. I am sorry you had to be humiliated driving around a banged up car that wasn't your fault. And I am sorry that I am telling you sorry, and not the asshole that actually hit your car because THAT is who should be saying it to you but you never got an apology. I will be sorry for you and I can totally relate to your pain.

 We all share the roads, we all park in the same lots, we all use the same gas stations, we can be considerate to each other and remain respectful. When you hit and run you are doing the worst thing a driver can do. Driving a car is a major responsibility, let's not forget that and that's my two cents.

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