Sunday, August 14, 2011

TV: Teen Mom, Farrah, the idiot

If you have watched MTV lately, you know that not only does it NOT have music on it, but it has a lot of crap on it. The show Teen Mom is just one of those shows. Glorifying teenage pregnancy is not the best idea for a channel that is targeted towards stupid teenagers, but I guess that's kind of the point isn't it? Also it's good for ratings right? One such moron mom on the show, Farrah, lets her stupidity stand alone as she takes the cake for being an idiot. Let me prove this point several times over.

First off this is not the first season of Teen Mom, and since the first season Farrah and Maci, another teen mom have both had breast implants. Way to go girls, using the money MTV gave you for the show on your looks, nothing says low self esteem and poor self image lik
e getting a boob job before the age of 18! I'm sure raising a child as a teenager is so easy that they didn't need that money for anything other than plastic surgery.

To Farrah's credit the father of her child died before she could even tell him. So she has to raise a daughter all by herself, and that is not her fault and I can't blame her for that. However, getting pregnant in high school is not why Farrah is a moron...but it doesn't help her case.

First of all Farrah has enrolled in culinary school, not stupid yet. She then says that it's time to check her grades and, "If my grades aren't good enough, I won't pass." Really Farrah? You had to clarify that for the viewers? Since first grade that's how it has worked but thank you for making sure we all understood how school and grades work. Idiot.
In the most recent episode Farrah decides she should get a puppy because, a puppy is like having another kid but probably easier to take care of. (this is according to Farrah.) If you think this is a bad idea you'd be correct HOWEVER there is more to the story. Farrah says her mother wouldn't approve of a dog, so she won't tell her. WONDERFUL LOGIC FARRAH!!!

Now hold on a minute, Farrah may only be a teenager but she does live on her own and raise her child somewhat on her own too, so getting a dog is up to her and that should be just fine! Right? I actually agree with you HOWEVER, the thing is....Farrah's mother is also her landlord! And the landlord said no dogs, soooooo....just hide it from your momlord? Good idea Farrah, after all, how long can a dog live?? It will only be about 14 years of hiding an animal in your mother's house. This idea is full proof!!! Idiot.

So Farrah goes to pick up a new puppy and when asked what kind of dog she is looking for, Farrah tells them she wants one that can fit in a bag. Don't freak out, this isn't how she plans to take it home, she just wants to be more like most idiots, such as Paris Hilton. Haven't heard that name in a long time? Then I apologize for bringing it up.

Well Farrah gets the dog and says, "I'm happy I got a puppy but I know my mom won't approve, so I'm not going to tell her." Well again Farrah is out there making good decisions. Then Farrah, who can't take care of herself, let alone a child, let alone a dog, let alone herself, takes the dog home. It's about at this point when Farrah realizes the dog needs to go to the bathroom. Now comes the true idiot proof if you aren't convinced yet.

Farrah actually takes the puppy to HER bathroom, actually holds it above the toilet and actually says to the dog as it dangles in midair, "Go potty.........go potty...........go potty, can you go potty? Do you need to go potty?" This isn't her joking around, she was actually trying to potty train her dog, good for her. Ya know it's the dog that surprises me, Farrah uses PLAIN ENGLISH and tells that dog to use the HUMAN TOILET, that is in the BATHROOM, right after she ASKS the dog if it has to go. What a stupid moronic dog!!! Farrah must have bought the only retarded puppy of that litter. So Farrah then tells the puppy that she took the dog to the potty and it didn't go potty there, so it is a bad dog for going on the carpet. What an idiot dog.

Farrah then puts the puppy in a crate because as she tells her daughter, "Doggie was bad, doggie went on the floor, we don't let doggie do that ever again." Oh good, most dog owners will tell you that their puppies only ever had ONE ACCIDENT in the house when they first got them too. I'm sure that talk you had with your puppy helped it understand not to do that anymore. Farrah then says, "Taking care of a dog isn't as easy as I thought." Really? How bout as easy as taking care of a child? Idiot.

So Farrah then tells her kid not to tell her mom about the dog because it isn't good enough that she is a liar, she has to turn her daughter into one too. Good thing her daughter is so young all she could say over and over was, "DOGGIE!" Farrah's mom isn't as dumb as she looks and she starts to wonder why her granddaughter keeps saying the word doggie.

Well Farrah's mom eventually does find out about the new puppy but doesn't freak out, although she does say she thought they agreed that there was to be no dogs in the house. I'm sure Farrah paid attention to that talk as she did when her mom had the safe sex talk with her.

By the end of the episode Farrah's dog still hadn't learned to use the toilet. Farrah gets to keep the dog, (for now) and continue her life as an idiot teenage mom, and that's my two cents.

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annie said...

Haha great article that was hilarious. I have just seen that episode and couldn't believe she actually held the dog above the toilet and told it to go potty!! Oh dear that poor dog that's all I can say