Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UPDATE: Jay Cutler

Yes, i realize im just adding to what i was complaning about, a lot of talk dealing with Jay Cutler. This just in, Jay Cutler has not responded to 10 days worth of calls and messages from the head coach and the owner of the Denver Broncos. The silent treatment from a professional? So cry baby Cutler had to have his agent call and say he has no desire to play for the Broncos any more, WHAT A BABY! Is his ego that big or his self esteem that low? Either way he is now being traded to some team, everyone is saying there are plenty of teams that will want him. I still don't know what team is THAT desperate.

Mr. 17 wins and 20 losses as a starter MIGHT make a difference in a place like, oh say, Detroit who lost every single game this past year, i mean one will IS an improvement for that team and Jay should be able to get at least ONE win.....right? Oh well, its a good fit for him, they don't go to the playoffs and neither does he! I really cant wait for this season, i hope he loses all of the games he plays, stinks up the field, (more than he has been), and his old team the Broncos go deep into the playoffs. Again, Jay Cutler you are a HUGE baby and this just proves that you're a problem for any organization that takes the chance with you being on their team.

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