Monday, March 30, 2009

PEOPLE: Jay Cutler, the cry baby

I am so SICK and TIRED of hearing about Jay Culter, i know i know, writing a blog about him just adds to it all but i have to say what i need to say about this major delusional cry baby.

First off, Jay Cutler is the quarterback for the Denver Broncos and has been a big media topic in the NFL so far in the off season. He heard the team was trying to get another quarterback so he acted like a huge baby, turns out they DIDN'T trade him or get Matt Cassel, like they were trying to and he is STILL acting like a big baby just because someone toyed with the idea. Maybe someone like Ben Rothlisberger, Tom Brady, or Payton Manning would be upset with a trade rumor because they have all earned their spot over the years and carry their teams when need be. HOWEVER, Mr. Cutler must not know who he is, who he was or who he will be in the future.

This is no star, this is not a clutch player for ANY team, he is a mediocre quarterback for a 500 team. This isn't John Elway we're talking about here, ITS JAY FUCKING CUTLER! The team apologizes to him and the public saying how much they want him and need him and dont want him upset and he makes it clear there are PLENTY of teams out there that would LOVE to have a quarterback of his caliber and talent. Oh is that so? What team are we talking about here, detroit?? No, they have the first pick in the draft, maybe Oakland? Well Oakland, as bad as they are, BEAT the broncos this year so it doesn't look like they need a quarterback that can't even manage to beat them.

He can act like a big time player like T.O. but lets face it, his playing is sub-par and his stats are less than impressive. I'd like to remind Jay that his team sat at 8-5 with 3 games left in the season, to make it to the playoffs all HE had to do was lead his team to one win, just ONE WIN in the next 3 games. The Denver Broncos lost all 3. Ya know, maybe its just me but if i wanted to pay a big time quarterback or any player for that matter to help my team get to the playoffs, i sure would hope he could win one out of three games to get the job done, Jay Cutler didn't. Also he never took his team anywhere in the playoffs yet so even if you get to them not advancing in the playoffs is just as bad as winning one game all year.

The latest from the whole Cutler crap is that he refuses to report to the off season workouts and now is going to be fined, apparently Mr. Cutler feels he is so good he doesn't have to come to practice. That's fine with me but someone who had an 8-8 season, losing their last 3 in a row, and never even REACHING the playoffs in his 3 seasons, may want to practice just a bit?

Jay was the 11th pick overall in his draft, which in itself is very impressive so its obvious that there would be very high expectations for him, which he has NOT met yet. Even though he hasn't met any expectations from his team, the city, his coaches and im sure his own, he still acts like a super bowl winning quarterback on a super bowl contending team. He is not, so far in his short lackluster career all he has done was proven he is a third rate quarterback who should be working the stands with hot dogs instead of a football on the field.

Jay Culter GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE, there is no reason for you to act like a big baby when you just aren't worth the effort. Why are we even talking about you on espn, as if you were some Brett Favre, (another over rated quarterback but thats another rant). Get your ass to practice because number one, you should be there, and number two, YOU NEED IT.

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